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Thread: File transfer slow down in Note 3 after few minutes

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    File transfer slow down in Note 3 after few minutes

    I am moving around a 1GB of videos in Samsung Galaxy Note 3. At start when I start copying files it shows me really high speed. But after few minutes the speed is reduced to 5mb/s. And this take really long time. How on the start it is able to transfers files on such a high speed. But later on it slow down on its own. And the file transfer is lot more slower when I am copying the files from a lan pc. I had tried reconnecting the drive a number of time but that did not provided much help.

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    Re: File transfer slow down in Note 3 after few minutes

    If you are trying to do the same on a usb 2.0 port then surely th speed will be less. And there is nothing you can do. Usb speed is lot more better if you are trying to transfer files on a usb 3.0 port. It will be lot better. Usb 3.0 ports offer you fast transfer solution and speed is amazing here. It does not fluctuate like USB 2.0. I will advice you to connect the pen drive on USB 3.0 port if that is available on the pc and then check the same. It will work a lot better. Do not try using any hub.

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    Re: File transfer slow down in Note 3 after few minutes

    The speed will be usually low when you are trying to to transfer files from lan. If you want faster way to move files then you have to first copy the files in the hard drive of your system. And I am quiet sure that will work. Poor speed can cause due to old cable, slow usb port, etc. I got a good speed on the usb 3.0 port but it never remains constant. It keeps on fluctuating. And if you connect the phone on the back port of your motherboard then you can gain a bit more of mbs.

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