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Thread: Any app to manage different wifi network in android

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    Any app to manage different wifi network in android

    It happens sometime you land to a place where you get lot of free wifi. And sometime it is locked by a password. I want some help here through which I can find out which one is better. I do not want to do that manually, I want some app that can manage the same on its own. I had tried finding out some on play store. What I can find is that apps that can help in locating free wifi around the area, but no app that can help to manage different wifi networks. I do not want to locate wifi, but to manage them as per the wifi standards.

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    Re: Any app to manage different wifi network in android

    Yes you do that. I can understand what you are looking for. I am talking about WiFi Manager. This app is nice tiny app through which it can allow your tablet to connect to different type of wifi network. It works well of tablet also. It allow you to find a active Wi-Fi in the area. And then it will also try to find the way through which it can access the internet. It is a free tool and it is ideal for android phones and tablet. Just try this and see what all settings it is offering you. I am quiet sure it will help.

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    Re: Any app to manage different wifi network in android

    I am using two apps here. First I am using a wifi locator app that tells me which area is having free internet. And second I am using this Wifi Manager app. It really brings a few additional functions that can help your tablet to work on different wifi. It gives you a graphical radar where you can find the different wifi channels in the area. It has a tiny widgets through which you can access Wi-Fi. It is a good app to find which wireless networks in the location is compatible with your device.

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