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Thread: Where to find cheap led lights for camera

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    Where to find cheap led lights for camera

    I am looking for a simple led light mount for my camera. I am going to take a few photos of plants in night and due to low light it is very hard to take pictures. The flash only work when you are taking the photos. I am using a torch which is not helping much. I want a led mount that can hook on the camera and get more light at the front side. It is very complicated to find one that is waterproof. I am not having a very big budget here. I want a single focus led that can put light on the front object.

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    Re: Where to find cheap led lights for camera

    I had seen a few regular led lights on the web that comes under Rs.4000. I do not think you can find anything cheaper here. If you go with regular led light then you can find a cheaper solution. But if you go with something that can be mounted on the camera then you have to pay more. There is one that you can use. You can try using Digitek Video Light LED-D003. This one is a single focus light that can be enough for your usage. But it is not waterproof. You can try using a plastic cover over it to protect it from water.

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    Re: Where to find cheap led lights for camera

    There are separate set of kits available when it comes to waterproof camera accessories. This are costly and you cannot find them easily on the web. You will have to go with regular one and you use some kind of tight plastic wrapping to protect them from water damage. You can find various models on amazon and snapdeal and on the basis of your requirement and budget you can buy one. Or you can try buying a used one which might lot more cheaper and can provide you a better model.

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