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Thread: Is there a call recording app in Moto X

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    Is there a call recording app in Moto X

    Does Motorola Moto X comes with any internal call recording feature. I want to buy this device and I need some good feature associated with call recording. Rightnow I am using a Samsung device which freezes a lot with third party application. I want something that can be fast and provide you a bit hd sound quality after recording. If this feature is inbuilt then the phone will not freeze while using the same. There are many apps but most of them are loaded with unwanted advertisement.

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    Re: Is there a call recording app in Moto X

    There is no call recorder in the device. You have to use a third party app. And if you are not happy with the advertisement then you can do one thing. You can buy a good application. There are some nice work which works well in the background and they do not freeze or lag. I am using one which is free and it works fine. The phone does not freeze while the app is working. Try Call recorder ACR. This one is the most popular and widely used call recording app. It has a quiet simple interface.

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    Re: Is there a call recording app in Moto X

    I am having moto x and I cannot see any call recording application in it. But you can find ample on Google play. There is one thing I want to recommend before finding call recorder application. Try to find an application which has a call blacklist feature also. This will provide you do dual benefit. You can use bluestack in your pc to test this kind of application. Bluestack offer you a virtual android environment where you can test the audio and video quiet easily.

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