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Thread: Advice on optimizing 3G speed on Android

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    Advice on optimizing 3G speed on Android

    I am using a android phone which has 3G facility. I am using 3G service since a month, I came across various problems, such as the network breaks very frequently, notification of no network access etc. While using a 3G, the video streaming is very slow and sometimes it even freezes. I want to speed up my 3G connection, is there is any way to optimize 3G internet speed on android. I thought 3G would be much more faster compare to a regular 2G network connection. But things are reversed. My 2G connection use to work well.

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    Re: Advice on optimizing 3G speed on Android

    There are various reasons which results in poor internet speed. The first thing you have to check is signal. Network clogging, internal or external devices failure etc. are also the common reason behind this issue. If you are facing any of this problems then, just download and install internet speed master from Google Play. It is a solution. This app will enable you to get good internet speed. Internet speed master improve your connection by making fine adjustment in your android system. You can use internet speed master only if your device is rooted

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    Re: Advice on optimizing 3G speed on Android

    Now a days, there are lots of applications available on Google Play that can help you speeding up your connection. One that I know work well is 3G speed optimizer. This app can help you in increasing internet speed. But remember that your network strength must be good. Or else none of this apps is going to work. You can try downloading and installing this applications, it will enhance your internet connection and gives you a good speed. If it fails to work then contact your service provider.

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    Re: Advice on optimizing 3G speed on Android

    3G booster software are not going to help you much. There are reasons for the same. This tools just keeps a cache of web pages. Which next time open fast. If you are not getting good internet speed on your phone then the problem is from the network providers end. You have to contact them. Buying a new sim will also help you in fixing the issue. For basic work like chatting even 2G is more than enough. But if you are trying to view videos then depending on your signal strength you can view them smoothly.

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