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Thread: How to install xampp on Android tablet

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    How to install xampp on Android tablet

    I want to run a web server on a android tablet. On pc I am using Xampp which is a virtual web server type of application. It allow me to run cms like Wordpress or Joomla on the pc itself. But I want to test the same thing on tablet. That is because it is portable. I am having a android tablet. If I can install the web server in that then I can copy the entire WordPress folder from my pc to the tablet and use it. I can also import the database. But right-now it is not working. I do not think Xampp has any kind of android version.

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    Re: How to install xampp on Android tablet

    Xampp is for pc. There is no android version available fro the same. You can still do that by installing a different web server applications. Like you can install Apache server app with mysql and launch both of them. Then you just have to type localhost and your site folder name. It will get open up instantly. This is the only way. If you have windows tablet then it was possible to run xampp on that. Because most of the windows tablet supports .exe files. And they work like how they work on desktop.

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    Re: How to install xampp on Android tablet

    Xampp is not available on android tablet. In its place you can go ahead with using Bit Web Server. The only issue with this version is that you have to buy it. It is not free. It offer you a virtual php, and other required mysql server on the tablet. Once you install this you have to launch it and configure the required settings. After that you have to access site same by typing localhost in the browser. This is the most simplest tool to use. I am not able to find any free tool like this. You can check this once.

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    Re: How to install xampp on Android tablet

    You want something like a web server on your android table. And through that only you can run or test your website. Or else things are not going to work well. With that you will also need a good web browser which can render all your pages. Or else the output will be really not good. There are few things I can recommend you to go for. Like you can download kWS - Android Web Server. This good part of using this app is that it is free. You dont have to pay anything. And it gives you simple features.

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    Re: How to install xampp on Android tablet

    Even if you manage to install anything I am quiet sure you cannot do much on that. You only need two things to run a web server. One is Apache that
    will help you to run php files and second is mysql. If you are going to edit HTML files then you dont really need this web server type of stuff. You can directly edit a html file in the web browser or you can use a advance editor for the same. Through which you can modify the html files and fix the web pages. This is a simple process.

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    Re: How to install xampp on Android tablet

    There is one more similar tool which can help you to get what you are looking for and I am quiet sure this will be more simple for you to use. It is called as KSWEB. It is a free tool and it is guide for those who want to go ahead with web development work on this android table or mobile phone. It comes with php and MySQL support. You can use it for making your site instantly on the same. Now there are two more editions that bring out more features but they are paid. You can try out the free version first.

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