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Thread: What is the best way to avoid malware on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

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    What is the best way to avoid malware on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    Android phones are very common today. And I had seen that that almost everyone holds mobile which has this OS. As per a report there are around 81.3 percent phone in the market which are having android operating system. I am also using the same. And in my friends family most of people have android device. I had seen a new recently which was about malware. And this is going to affect android devices only. I want to use my tablet for banking work. And android is the most insecure platform. Is there a way to avoid that.

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    Re: What is the best way to avoid malware on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    It is correct that still android users are increasing and its also insecure. That is because of hackers, cyber crimes, virus etc. In order to keep your phone safe from malware the first thing you have to do is while downloading any app or games, always use authorized site and stores such as Google play, amazon etc. There are lots of apps available on web, if you find any app suspicious, mistrusted or pirated then dont download it. This type of apps consist of malware. There is lots of settings in the android operating system to safeguard the user from malicious attack. Like disabling installation from unknown sources.

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    Re: What is the best way to avoid malware on Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

    You can protect you device from malware if you use it sensibly. In order to obtain safety measures from malicious attack, always update your android OS and apps. This will protect your system from any external hazards. Use antivirus for extra security of you tablet. You can download antivirus from Google Play. There are ample of them which offers numerous settings. And most of them are free. But if you get a paid one then you will also get anti-theft protection, safer web-browsing, device tracking etc.

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