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Thread: What does Error 0x807b0191 refers to Xbox 360

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    What does Error 0x807b0191 refers to Xbox 360

    What does the Error 0x807b0191 refer to. It appears on my friends Xbox 360. I don't know what he was actually doing. The error appeared. The console is working fine. We are able to play the games and there is no problem. But still I hope this error is not something very serious. I had tried restarting the console and then thing goes well. I got this error when we are on the store. I think this something related to the download. How to fix this thing. Is there a way to resolve the problem.

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    Re: What does Error 0x807b0191 refers to Xbox 360

    It is not a big issue. It appear mostly when you are trying to buy something on Xbox video. You can ignore the same. There might be someone who are trying to view or rent videos from Xbox Video and got the error due to improper payment attempt. You have to add your credit card or any other stuff to make a valid payment. Or else you will keep on getting the error. It is not released to anything serious. Just go and check the payment section. You can add or a remove a card from the same.

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    Re: What does Error 0x807b0191 refers to Xbox 360

    I know about this. You get the error when your payment attempt fails. It is not limited to xbox video but on other stuff also. A number of time when you are trying to buy something your transaction is declined and you get the issue. You have to simply configure the same thing to fix the issue. Go on the official site and verify the security information to stop the error. You can also do that through the sign-in page from Xbox directly. Just configure the settings and check back.

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