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Thread: How to use Buzzlauncher on Android Smartphone

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    How to use Buzzlauncher on Android Smartphone

    If you are not happy with your existing launcher then you can download and add Buzzlauncher. It is lightweight and comes loaded with its own home pack library. That means you are having hundreds of ways to simply change the home pack and install different things. Buzzlauncher is very easy to use. It has simple settings and it works with almost all kind of android phones. And above all it is free. First you have to go on Google Play and download the launcher. Install the same in your phone. The first few starting configuration is quiet easy. Once you are done with that you might get a similar kind of screen below.


    To adjust the settings you can swipe with two finger to the down side or press the menu key. The menu brings out different options to configure the launcher quiet easily. Like you can add a home screen, you can change the wallpaper, or edit the screen. Customizing buzz launcher is one of the most easiest thing. Because here you just have to tap on few things to make it look better. launcher settings.


    Under launcher settings you can modify the behavior of buzzlauncher. Like you can configure the app drawer settings. You can adjust the transparency from there and also enable and disable gesture. Through gesture you have more control over the screen. But this launcher does not give you any manual way of adding a gesture. The home buzz section is quiet interested. You can simply add a screen of your choice and modify the same. You can create your own screen and share it on the home pack buzz.


    Buzzlauncher makes your screen more great. It is a complete launcher that comes with the wallpaper, icons, widget and many more thing. If your phone is not having much memory then it is recommended that you must use a light screen. Do not go with many heavy screen options. This can overload the phone and make it slow. It is essential that you must simply add only the required widgets. The launcher might ask you to add different widget, but it will consume the ram. Some lightweight screen works well on the low end phone also.

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    Re: How to use Buzzlauncher on Android Smartphone

    I am using the same. This is really one of the best launcher for android. It has great set of different home screens through which you can simply make changes. It works fast. I had tested the same on some low end phone also that has around 512mb of ram. And it works fine. It does not lag or freeze. If you are having a issue with some screens then change the same. Remove unnecessary home screens also.

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