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Thread: How to find a laptop with good graphic support

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    How to find a laptop with good graphic support

    For desktop it might be quiet easy to find a good graphic card and use it in the pc. But what about laptop. I am unable to find any good model which can be ideal for mid range gaming. The one that I found is too costly. It is just above the budget. I need some good model suggestion here. Laptops that can be enough for playing games and also for video editing work. I found one in lenovo that has a 2GB dedicated memory. But it is very costly and it is not under my budget.

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    Re: How to find a laptop with good graphic support

    There are many models in the market. It is not good to expect much from the same. Because this laptops comes with a entry level graphic support. You can play a few games on low settings. But photo and video editing is surely going to work really well. You can install different games and applications on the same. It will not lag or freeze. Most of this laptop models comes under a good prize. And if you go with 1GB dedicated memory then you have to pay more.

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    Re: How to find a laptop with good graphic support

    Checkout HP Pavilion 15-n006ax. This one is good according to me and it falls under the cost of Rs.32,000. This one is recommended for entry level gaming. It runs on APU Quad Core A4 processor. It has 4 GB DDR3 ram and 500GB storage. the laptop offer you a nice 15.6 inch screen where you get max resolution of 1366 x 768 Pixel. The laptop looks really nice for gaming and video editing job. You must check this model first. Try to find some good review on the same.

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    Re: How to find a laptop with good graphic support

    HP Pavilion 15-n006ax is a good laptop. For those who want a mix performance of gaming and video editing this one is a good choice. It has a dedicated video memory due to which games work really well on the same. It is recommended to play games on low settings. So that you can get a stable output. If you are using a secondary monitor then you have to disable additional options like vysc, motion blur, etc. It is good to find one with 8GB ram support.

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    Re: How to find a laptop with good graphic support

    If you are willing to add a bit more amount then here is one more model that can help you to get optimum output. It is Lenovo Essential G505s. The cost of this model falls around Rs.37000 but it come with really nice configuration. It is a gaming series model. It has a APU Quad Core A8 processor. It comes with 4GB ram and 1TB storage. For graphics it comes with 2GB AMD Radeon HD 8570 gpu. That is more than enough to play games on mid settings.

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    Re: How to find a laptop with good graphic support

    Under a budget of Rs.40000 there are ample of great models you can go for. This are amazing and loaded with great performance. You can get windows 8 os mostly on the same. Dell Inspiron 14 is one of them. It is good for gaming usage. Samsung NP350V5C-S0BIN is another great model which also falls in the same price range. But a bit more. This kind of models are one time purchase. You can play all type of games on the same and expect a bit of good output.

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