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Thread: Seagate backup plus not updating files

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    Seagate backup plus not updating files

    I have a Seagate Backup plus drive. It has a seagate software in that which I had configured to backup my files. Just today I had checked inside the folders and found that the drive is not having updated documents. They are a week old. Most of the time I copy paste manually. But through seagate tool I had configured the backup on automatic base. The time when I connect the drive it must be updated. But it is not working.

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    Re: Seagate backup plus not updating files

    Try to reconfigure the software. Just check what is mentioned inside the schedule part. Where you can simply set the time or the behavior when backup will run. If it is on timely basis then you have to connect the drive whenever you had done changes in your stuff. But if not then you have to simply use some other software. Most of the time this automated software does not work. You have to check that properly.

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    Re: Seagate backup plus not updating files

    You need help with autosync. There are two tools you can use here. First one is SyncBack Freeware. This tool is free and will sync your hard drive files with your pc whenever you will connect. The second one is SyncToy. It is simple and easy to use. This is very effective and I am using this from long time. I am having a 16GB Hp pen drive which I use for the backup purpose. I sync the data in the pen drive through the tool.

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