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Thread: Tablet holder with wireless keyboard

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    Tablet holder with wireless keyboard

    I need a tablet holder with a wireless keyboard. I am not able to find a good model. I had seen a few on ebay. They are not having any keyboard support. I want a portable one that I can use in my care for emails. Using a keyboard will be more easier when it comes to typing. I had seen cases that comes with integrated keyboard, but not able to find a hold that has keyboard on it. Is there any good model available.

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    Re: Tablet holder with wireless keyboard

    There are tablet holders but none of them comes with a keyboard. You have to use that separately. You can buy any good Bluetooth keyboard which will sync with your tablet and work fine. It is recommended to go for a good holder so that you can use it for longer period.There are different model for car only. You can hook them on the front side and use it. Just search for Car Air vent for tablet on ebay.

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    Re: Tablet holder with wireless keyboard

    RAM X-Grip is one of best holders for tablet. It gives you a bit durable solution compare to cheap tablets. It is better and it comes with all required features. Once hooked you can put your tablet on it and use it like a screen. It is also not having a keyboard support. That you have to check separately. It keeps the tablet safe from scratches also. You can place the tablet in different angle through this. It is very easy to use.

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    Re: Tablet holder with wireless keyboard

    You can get a tablet holder but there is no keyboard integrated on that. You have to add that separately. What you can do is buy a laptop tablet. There are some available that comes with tablet holder but they are quiet costly. You can find that online and checkout the different models. Different models have different features. Some comes with mouse and some comes with a drawer.

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