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Thread: Oppo N1 support for 4G

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    Oppo N1 support for 4G

    I recently saw this mobile phone Oppo N1 in my local store and it looked to be very impressive by its design and features as well. The best part I liked about this mobile phone was its rotating camera. But apart from its high end technical specifications which include 2GB RAM, quad-core 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, etc; does it support 4G network as well? I am really looking to buy this phone. Thanks

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    Re: Oppo N1 support for 4G

    There is no support of 4g network in this Oppo N1 smartphone. This is because the Snapdragon S600 processor doesnt support LTE network from what I have heard so far. They also cannot install an extra modem in this mobile phone which cannot be allowed because it will definitely increase the size of the battery usage and price as well.

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    Re: Oppo N1 support for 4G

    I just read somewhere that if you go higher in CPU hardware then it will almost double the usage, so therefore Snapdragon 600 CPU was used in this phone which uses less energy. Although it is really disappointing that even though having so much of high end tech specs, it doesnt come with 4g support. They should have made 2 variants for this smartphone which could have increased its sales also.

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    Re: Oppo N1 support for 4G

    Since its a chinese phone, they dont need any other market like USA or Europe to be their consumers because China is their main consumers. There are many other brands that come with 4G support without any battery issues and any other problems. But if Oppo is not able to handle something as simple as this then they cannot compete with the other manufacturer's as well.

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