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Thread: Which android browser is good for 2G Mobile Internet

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    Which android browser is good for 2G Mobile Internet

    Which Android web browser is good for slow internet connection. I have a Micromax phone. I am using the default internet browser in it. I am trying to access university website which is extremely slow. I had tested that in Opera also the speed is same. So I want to know is it possible to get some help from the browser. Which browser will be good to get a good surfing speed and faster output. There are many browsers available. Does UC Browser is good.

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    Re: Which android browser is good for 2G Mobile Internet

    For good speed you require a higher bandwidth. I am also on a 2G internet plan. Which is slow. But when I connect my mobile to wifi it works really well. So browser cannot help much here. You can upgrade your internet plan.

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    Re: Which android browser is good for 2G Mobile Internet

    Chrome is the best one according to me. This browser is amazing when it comes to surf on slow internet. This tool is amazing enough to give you fast browsing speed. Google has done some major tweaks in the browser by making it far more better for android and ios. The new version of this web browser comes loaded with Data compression. This means the browser can simply boost your browsing. Many people use mobile today to checkout different site. And this increase the data usage and also eat-up the mobile data plan soon. So here you can go in Settings > Bandwidth Management > Reduce Data Usage. Just turn this thing on. This will reduce the data consumption and make surfing faster also. I do not think there is any other browser which is better than this. Just test out the browser on your smartphone.

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    Re: Which android browser is good for 2G Mobile Internet

    I had recently upgraded to 3G from 2G. There is a huge difference between the speed. But the data is used by really fast when you are on 3G. I am right now using my mobile pack only for Facebook and whatsapp.

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