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Thread: Nokia Asha 300 recent messages disappearing

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    Nokia Asha 300 recent messages disappearing

    I am using Nokia Asha 300 mobile phone and I have noticed that when I am turning off this phone then all the recent messages are disappearing from the Inbox and Sent items. But if I sync the phone using Nokia PC Suite then this messages re-appear on my PC. Does anyone know what is going on in my mobile phone? Help me please

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    Re: Nokia Asha 300 recent messages disappearing

    I find it very strange that you are not able to see the messages on your phone even though it is appearing in the Nokia Suite. You can try to restore your mobile phone to the factory settings and see if that helps. To perform factory settings, you need to go to the phone Settings and then choose Rest. fact. sett. and then choose Settings only. Afterwards you will be asked to put any code and if you have not made any new code then try to out 12345 in it.

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    Re: Nokia Asha 300 recent messages disappearing

    If the above solution doesnt work for you then try to reinstall the firmware version on your phone using Nokia PC Suite. To do that, plug in your mobile phone to your computer using a USB cable. After that open Nokia PC Suite and then go to Tools > Software updates. Now you need to click on the "Reinstall software version" option to reinstall the firmware again in your pc.

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    Re: Nokia Asha 300 recent messages disappearing

    If factory reset for "Settings only" is not working for you then choose to do a full factory reset by going to Settings > Rest.fact.sett > All. But before doing this try to backup all the important data like the contacts and other pics from your phone because it will also get erased. Once you have done this then try to check whether the messages are disappearing again or not.

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