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Thread: Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

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    Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

    Can anyone provide me few recommendation for wireless keyboard to work with tablets. Most probably with android. I need a small one. Not full size keyboards. This would be used by my uncle to surf web and chat. He finds touchscreen very uncomfortable. So by having a portable keyboard he can type more properly. I need a nice portable size keyboard. I had seen some with touch-pad. Does they work fine.

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    Re: Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

    There are many but they are costly. You have to pay a good amount for the same. I am giving you a link below. Just checkout the keyboard. It is amazing. A tiny keyboard with nice key support and good for tablets. This one is a bluetooth keyboard.

    Rapoo Ultrahin Keyboard Review

    Rapoo Ultrahin Keyboard Video Review

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    Re: Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

    There are many available. The issue lies with compatibility. If you go with cheaper one then there is no guarantee that it is going to work on your tablet. But if you go for Logitech product then they will surely work. Most of the high end tablet and mobile phone supports wirelss keyboard. You have to connect it with bluetooth and configure it as the default input device. This is one of the most easiest way to add the keyboard as a default input device. You can also buy keyboard dock which might be a bit costly but comfortable. The dock provide you a tiny netbook type option. You just have to hook the screen on it and done. It might cost you around Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 for the a good dock. And if you go for more better brand then you have to pay more. I had seen some great models on web which are really amazing. Don't go for a cheaper one.

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    Re: Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

    It is right do not waste your money for cheaper one. I spended a around Rs.1000 on portable keyboard that comes with cover. But it did not worked with my tablet. This is just a waste of money. I am now looking for a more better one. I had asked the seller to replace this one.

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    Re: Portable wireless keyboard to use with tablets

    Look for Logitech Tablet Keyboard For Android. This comes for Rs 3168. Which might be costly but it is right to spend one time. If you buy a cheaper one and if it does not work then you had wasted your money. This keyboard comes with a dock. Logitech really has some great keyboard docks for tablets. They are also providing one for Windows tablet. Most of the models come with a usb support. Which never work with android tablet. And in wifi you have to find the default input settings. In Samsung models you have a option for that. You can add any keyboard or external device as a default input device. But I am not sure about any other one.

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