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Thread: Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

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    Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

    How to preserve battery lie of new iOS 7 devices. I am counting everything in it. All those devices who are going to get the new updates. So the battery life looks a bit more used due to the new features. What things can be turned off the make the device work for longer time. I had configured a lots of thing in iPhone 5S which works constantly in the background causing the battery to drain out really fast.

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    Re: Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

    The best way to preserve battery of all smartphone is turning the wifi and internet off when you are not using it. This saves the power and extend the battery life. Try to sync only once or twice in a day. So that you can also stay updated.

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    Re: Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

    To save more battery life try to go in settings and turn off all unwanted stuff you want. iOS7 is a new OS. So obviously it is loaded with many new things that can effect the battery output. So there are something that you can stop to extend the battery output. Like you can simply turn of wifi scanning. Turn it on when you are in a network. Or else a small amount of power will be constantly consumed by the service. This is the first thing you must do. Many people forget to turn wifi scanning due to which a small amount of battery is used. Second you can try disable some customization features. iOS does not gives you much in that. You can also turn of Parallax. This is located under Accessibility and Settings. This is just some additional ui think. So just turn it off when you are not using it and the last thing is turn off Bluetooth or airdrop when not in used.

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    Re: Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

    To save battery you can buy a cover. I had bought this last time for the old version. This cover has powerful features to preserve the battery. And it also extend its life. I think the case already has some kind of tiny battery inside it which holds the charge for long time.

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    Re: Looking some battery saving tips of OS7 devices

    There are many things you can turn off. Like the gps. Gps is used by location services. If this is working then it will drain your battery fast. Location service helps apps to locate you and add updates. This will stop working if you turn off the gps. Second most important thing you must do is simply turn of various app updates. Almost all app collects new updates and add them in your system. You can turn them off. You can hook the same on manual mode which is more appropriate. One thing which has helped to get some more battery is turning off auto brightness. This is necessary. Keep the same on minimum. This is quiet important. You can find the settings for that under Wallpaper and Brightness in Settings. Reduce it to maximum and then make it work fine.

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