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Thread: Difference between Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

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    Difference between Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

    Microsoft is going to sell the second version of Surface tablet. I am trying to locate the difference here. Can anyone offer me the exact difference between both the tablets. Before Surface was released that looks a bit amazing.But this time they came up with the second version which is termed as more enhanced and has better design. I saw some images on web and not able to get the exact difference among both.

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    Re: Difference between Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

    It is obvious that when a new version is released it is better than the older one. This time the new Surface has more better hardware config and sleek design. There are no changes in the OS. That remains the same.

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    Re: Difference between Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

    Microsoft called it as a next generation tablet. There are two models in it. The first is Surface and the second one is Surface Pro. This is actually a hybrid. You can enjoy both laptop and portable tablet features on it. This new tablet is now powered by Intel Core i5 processor. That makes it more amazing in terms of performance and multi-tasking. It provide amazing speed and great advantage over others. The tablet is available for $799. It comes with a amazing cover which has a integrated keyboards on it. You can type and do your job on the same. When I saw the tablet I found, the manufacturer is emphasizing more on the cover. This is a slim spill resistant cover with keyboard attached for comfortable typing. It comes in different colors. This time Microsoft has kept everything quiet sleek. They are making the tablet more thin which is easy to carry. And also the weight is very low. You can use it for your home and office. The press sensitive keyboards are good enough to carry out different job. The tablet also offers support for HD graphics. So that you can enjoy some rich games on it. The tablet will run on Windows 8 Pro and storage provided is 64GB/128GB. The screen size is 10inch powered by ClearType HD display. And for cpu you have 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000.

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    Re: Difference between Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2

    Compare to the older series the new one is more powerful. It is loaded with tons of advance features and looks amazing also. Microsoft has made it much more lighter. I hope this tablet would be amazing in terms of usage also.

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