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Thread: Lava Iris 455 is not charging through usb hub

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    Lava Iris 455 is not charging through usb hub

    There is a bit issue with my LAVA Iris smartphone. I am not able to charge it. It charge well through the charger, but when I connect it to a usb hub through data cable does not works. I always charge it through the hub as it is more easier. And at the same time it shows me a removable drive icon. The cable looks fine and the hub is also working. So where can the problem lies.

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    Re: Lava Iris 455 is not charging through usb hub

    I think the problem is with the hub. Try to change the usb port through which it is connected to your pc. Just move it to some other place and then check back. I think that would resolve the issue. If that does not work then the hub is not working.

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    Re: Lava Iris 455 is not charging through usb hub

    I am also charging my phone in the same way. I am having Canvas. I connect the phone to a hub. At first it shows the usb storage screen and when I skip that it goes on charging. It works fine and has no issue at all. In your case try to connect the mobile device directly to the pc usb port. That means the port which is on the backside instead of connecting it on the hub. And see if it works or not. If not then the cable is faulty. You have to replace that. It is quiet cheap and available on many store. The second thing you can do is get a new hub. Sometime the problem appear due to low power. A usb drive has a limit to use power. Which is applied by the bios. This is a common cause in many old system. I will recommend you to use the cable directly on your pc instead of using it on the hub. Android phone does not give out much battery. They are quiet low on the same. That is the reason I purchased a portable power bank. It gives me 2 hours of battery output and works really well.

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    Re: Lava Iris 455 is not charging through usb hub

    It is a cable fault. Try to charge your device one time only. Do not keep it connected to the charging port all the time. This affects the battery life. And as time goes on the battery will drain out fast. Charge only when the battery is completely drained out.

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