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Thread: Tegra Note amazing gaming tablet by Nvidia

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    Tegra Note amazing gaming tablet by Nvidia

    Nvidia has released Tegra Note Tablet. This is for those who are looking for a extreme gaming tablet and amazing performance. This is the first tablet by Nvidia which comes loaded with great graphic output. Till yet no one has started selling this up. I am trying to find out the exact cause. For high end tablet we have Xperia Tablet Z, Galaxy Tab3, etc devices. I hope Tegra Note can beat them all.

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    Re: Tegra Note amazing gaming tablet by Nvidia

    It is just announced. There is no release date confirmed. The tablet is surely amazing as it is designed by Nvidia. Nvidia is already quiet popular in delivering high end graphic cards, and other gaming stuff. I hope Tegra Not will release soon.

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    Re: Tegra Note amazing gaming tablet by Nvidia

    You can count on Tegra Note for amazing gaming performance. I think this tablet would the best and highest among all if released. I was just checking out the features of this tablet and found a number of various things. The tablet has a 72-Core Geforce GPU with Quad Core processor. The cpu is Cortex A15. This makes it a extreme gaming tablet in the worEd. Nvidia has also worked on the stylus and audio part. The regular stylus will be upgraded to a much better one. While you can enjoy Nvidia PureAudio technology on the same. For camera it is powered by high processing power that allows you to capture smooth and amazing pictures. Nvidia is going to provide Tegra Zone in this tablet. It is dedicated to gaming. You can download some of the best hd games from here. Being a Nvidia product, the tablet will benefit of game controller support. You can simply use a set of various game controllers on the same. And above all the battery output. Many high end tablets might come with extreme hardware but lack good battery support. Nvidia promise to offer upto 10 hrs of battery life on the same.

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    Re: Tegra Note amazing gaming tablet by Nvidia

    After checking out the features it looks this tablet is simply amazing. I am waiting for the final release date. Is there any date specified by Nvidia. And what about the Android OS in. Like Samsung and Sony, will Nvidia also provide a optimized version of Android OS.

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    Re: Tegra Note amazing gaming tablet by Nvidia

    I do not think that. I was checking a new site which says that the tablet will come with stock Android OS. This is common in many tablets. Optimized version allows you more features and also enhance the UI. But as the tablet is not really out for sale, we can wait back to get final updates. As per specification the tablet is simply amazing. It looks Nvidia is working on the most powerful 7inch tablet in the market. I had seen the complete specification on its official website. It will have two cpu. One is Tegra 4 and other one Quad Core Cortex A15 with 72-core Geforce GPU. This makes the tablet a high-end device. The front screen is a 7inch HD IPS LCD display offering a maximum resolution of 1280x800. For camera it has a 5Mp camera on the back and a basic vga on the front side. The internal storage is 16GB with memory card support. Nvidia will also offer OTA updates for the same.

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