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Thread: LAVA iris 504Q vs LAVA Iris 501

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    LAVA iris 504Q vs LAVA Iris 501

    I am having two mobiles in my choice. The first one is new LAVA Iris 504Q. And the second one is LAVA Iris 501. Now among both I found 501 a bit effective. As it is having a bigger screen and it is also cool for gaming. But here 504Q being a new phone might be having something more better. Which one will you recommend me to go for. I do not have a bigger budget.

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    Re: LAVA iris 504Q vs LAVA Iris 501

    I think LAVA Iris 504Q is better compare to 501. The most basic reason here is that it is a new phone and offers you more better features over the older one. Just checkout the specification and you will understand the difference.

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    Re: LAVA iris 504Q vs LAVA Iris 501

    LAVA Iris 504Q provides you a sleek design with good output. It offers you a 1.5Ghz of quad core cpu. Which is more better compare to the older one. A quad core processor is simply great for multi-tasking support. The device provides you a nice 5inch HD IPS display with OGS technology. That makes the image more sharper and better. It gives you a nice 8MP camera on the back with flash. But in terms of storage it just gives you a 4GB of ram. The physical memory in the device is 1Gb that looks to be more than enough. I think this phone is really best in terms of affordable series. The older version will not give you Android 4.2 OS. I am giving you the link of video and text review on this phone. This will put more highlight on the device. I think at a price of Rs.13349 this phone is not bad at all. Quad core cpu is simply great for gaming also.It also has a gpu in it. Over everything if we compare 501 with 504Q then the new one is better. You cannot ignore the same. You can try out the review to get information on the device performance.

    Lava Iris 504Q Text Review
    Lava Iris 504Q Video Review

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    Re: LAVA iris 504Q vs LAVA Iris 501

    I am using 501. It is a awesome device. But as said above it has a older version of android os and it does not give you more multi-tasking output due to low hardware configuration. I am willing to buy the new editions as soon as I can sell this old one.

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    Re: LAVA iris 504Q vs LAVA Iris 501

    LAVA Iris 501 is good for those who are having a very tight budget. It comes for some Rs.7000. I found it best phone under budget. In the new model you get a quad core cpu while in the older one you have a 1.5Ghz dual core cpu. This is not bad at all. It offers you 512MB of ram. Due to which the performance is limited. It also features a gpu. I think this phone is still rocking under a budget series.Being a reasonable phone you can do a number of different things on it. You can install a set of different applictions, you can play games and you can also watch good hd videos. The phone offer you great output and has no issue with app usage. But it is always better to go for a new model instead of buying a old one. The reaons lies with new hardware and os upgrades. In Iris 504Q you have a better hardware and optimized OS. Which over all increases the output. Still if you want more information you can checkout the reviews below.

    LAVA Iris 501 Text Review
    LAVA Iris 501 Video Review

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