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Thread: Not able to import 1000 vcard contacts in android phone

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    Not able to import 1000 vcard contacts in android phone

    I am having a old Nokia phone. In the phone book there is a option available through which I can export all the contacts as a vcard. Now I just ordered a new mobile which is a android phone. I exported all the contact to the memory card in the form of vcard. It is around 1000. I inserted the same card in my new phone and then through contacts I tried to import it. But it failed to work.

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    Re: Not able to import 1000 vcard contacts in android phone

    What error you are getting. Try to post that here. I got the issue when I was trying to import around 30 contacts from a old mobile phone. All of them were corrupted due to which my android device was not reading them.

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    Re: Not able to import 1000 vcard contacts in android phone

    It is really a mess to move contacts from a phone to other. While the same thing is much easy in Blackberry phone. Because there is a ready to use setting available through which it is more easy to transfer all the contacts to another phone via bluetooth. While in other phone it is really complicated. Like in a micromax device. Now for a vcard to import there are different things you can go for. You can try to upload all the contacts on Gmail and sync your phone. Everything will be downloaded and added automatically. For that you will need a csv file format. You can download a vcard to csv file convertor and use it for upload. Just upload the csv file and done. Everything will be available online which is easy to sync. This is one other best way to keep a backup. The second thing you can do is import it one by one instead of importing all. Because in that if any file is corrupt or damage then you will face problem. I do not think there is any other options available.

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    Re: Not able to import 1000 vcard contacts in android phone

    Go for the gmail thing. I tried that it worked. I did that through Outlook. Copy all the contacts in outlook address book and export them as a csv file. Then you can upload it on gmail.

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    Re: Not able to import 1000 vcard contacts in android phone

    Instead of messing around with different methods I can give you a more simple solution here. You can try using a android application for that. The best one is Youlu. Download and install Youlu in your system. This app will scan your memory card for vcard files and it will update all the contacts. Create a online account with Youlu. So that you can keep a backup on the web. But still if you get the same kind of error with Youlu then there is one more thing you can do. You can download a vcard import from Google Play. It is a tiny app. It will import all the vcard files and merge them to your existing contacts. I think this is the best way to fix the issue. Just try some different set of applications and then check back. I think that will be more appropriate.

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