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Thread: How to share data via bluetooth in lumia 720

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    How to share data via bluetooth in lumia 720

    I bought a Nokia Lumia 720 last week. I really love everything about this phone, from design to the features. Infact according to me only Lumia devices are left from Nokia worth buying. Anyways, i am facing a serious problem with my 720 apart from those all good things. As you all might be aware that this phone has Bluetooth capabilities. I am able to send pictures and videos via bluetooth to other device but i'm not able to find out any option for sharing music from mu device to another, however i can receive music via Bluetooth to my device.

    Whenever i try to share a song, only options i get is on social network, via email or SMS, SkyDrive ect but there is no option for Bluetooth. I am not sure whether there is any problem with my device or all Lumia 720 phones have the same issue. Hope any one here can help me with this.

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    Re: How to share data via bluetooth in lumia 720

    I haven't used Lumia devices much, but for few months. As far as i know, you cannot send music directly from the bluetooth, instead go to Nokia app list and "transfer my data". Here select the song you want to send, long tap to pop up the menu. Hopefully you should get here the Bluetooth option. Now select the same and send the other bluetooth user. I have done this with 920, not very sure if it works with 720 but you can give it a try.

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    Re: How to share data via bluetooth in lumia 720

    First ensure that your Bluetooth is turned ON in your phone settings or else you will not get a bluetooth option if you tap share. The share menu usually displayes the active options only, for example, hotmail, outlook share will not be available if you have not synced their accounts or if the wifi is turned off. So the only fix is to just go to bluetooth settings and then turn it on and then share your music content to another phone.

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    Re: How to share data via bluetooth in lumia 720

    You just need to first turn on the bluetooth on your device and then go to music player. After that go to Songs and then press and hold the song that you want to share, a list will option then tap share and then select bluetooth. Also see to it that you are not clicking on the artist rather than the song because if you tap on artist then you will get only 2 options which is add to now playing or pin to start.

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