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Thread: Micromax Canvas 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

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    Micromax Canvas 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

    Since, Micromax has recently launched its new Canvas 4 smartphone, I was wondering will it be a good choice over Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone. Also, the price of micromax canvas 4 is quite high at Rs. 18000/ when compared to its previous version of mobile phone. And since Galaxy grand Duos is also coming in the same price range, I cannot decide which one to go for? Can anyone suggest me which smartphone from this 2 phones? Thanks

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    Re: Micromax Canvas 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

    I think that it would be best if you would go with Samsung Grand Duos. Micromax used to be a good manufacturer because they used to release their phone at cheaper rate. But now with their Canvas 4, they started charging more bucks. Also, you cannot see any customer support for micromax antwhere on the net or any software update available online for download. Only modded version of the Roms gets released by mobile guru's for this micromax brands.
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    Re: Micromax Canvas 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

    I would suggest you to go for Micromax Canvas 4 smartphone because it has got many similar features like Galaxy S4. You will get the mobile in a aluminium body and the best part is that you can unlock this phone by either blowing towards the display screen, which is quite unique, or you can shake the phone to unlock it. You get a panorama shot that you can use to shot upwards and an option called "Roving Eyes" through which you can pause a video when you are not looking at the mobile phone. So, you eventually get a similar kind of Galaxy S4 mobile phone in the form of Micromax Canvas 4 mobile.

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    Re: Micromax Canvas 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Grand

    I just cancelled my pre-order of Micromax Canvas 4 phone because I didnt find it upto the mark to the hype that it was showcased. I was expecting atleast 2gb RAM and 1.5ghz quad core processor, but Canvas 4 has only got 1gb RAM and 1.2ghz quad core processor which is very low. Even though there are similar features like Galaxy S4 in this canvas 4 but still hardware wise it is very low and I can bet that because of incorporating S4's features in this phone it will have so many bugs that it will be a total failure.

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