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Thread: How to enable usb mass storage mode in Samsung Galaxy S4

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    How to enable usb mass storage mode in Samsung Galaxy S4

    This may sound silly for some people but i really want to it with my Samsung Galaxy S4. The reason i said silly because of course we know the new MTP mode is much better than the USB mass Storage as it allows you to continue playing music and video files even if you are messing with the files connected with computer. But still there are several reason i prefer using UMS mode because in MTP whenever i try to transfer any video every time it keeps me asking if i really want to do that as the file may be incompatible with the device. Somebody please tell my S4 that Dude, i have another player who can play this file comfortably.

    Anyways, that becomes much annoying when i have copy 8 to 10 videos all together because i need to remain their to click on OK as the pop appears after every video file. Well this is just one reason, there are many more such reasons. So can anyone please tell me if there is any way we can switch back to USB Mass Storage with Galaxy S4?

    Thanks for your helps.

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    Re: How to enable usb mass storage mode in Samsung Galaxy S4

    Hey, same here. Even i am trying to get UMS work on S4 since past couple of days. Also tried several things but nothing seems to be working. I tried using Galaxy S3 easy USB mass storage, su, setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage, and few more but nothing worked as i expected. Hope you guys have some better idea.

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    Re: How to enable usb mass storage mode in Samsung Galaxy S4

    If you are not able to do it manually from the phone itself, better try out some third party applications available on Google Play. I found one USB Mode Switcher which seems to be working for Galaxy S2 and Note. Not sure but i guess it may work for GS4 as well. You should give it a try.

    There is yet another similar app named as "SG USB Mass Storage Enabler" which allow you to switch between MTP and USB Mass Storage. See if any of these apps works for you.

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    Re: How to enable usb mass storage mode in Samsung Galaxy S4

    Thanks for sharing those apps Anand but they are of no use. I have already tried all those available on App Store but none of them seems to be working with Galaxy S4. The reason i could thing behind this would be because USB Mass storage requires a Memory Card or they dont work with the S4's built-in storage. Also we cannot use those apps which requires Rooting process because i dont think rooting will be a good decision so early on GS4. Isn't it?

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    Re: How to enable usb mass storage mode in Samsung Galaxy S4

    I am not sure whether it will work but you should give a try to SGS3 Easy UMS. It has worked fine for galaxy S3 but i haven't tested it yet on S4. The app is available for download on XDA, you will simply find it by googling. Try it and let us know if it works.

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