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Thread: Launching camera restarts Samsung Galaxy S4

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    Launching camera restarts Samsung Galaxy S4

    It is weird when you invest Rs 40K in a mobile phone and it gets rebooted whenever you try to open camera. Yes, this is happening with me and brand new Samsung Galaxy S4. I bought this 4 days ago and whenever i try to open the camera for clicking or recoding, camera turns on with black screen, remains their for about 10 seconds and Mobile restarts automatically.

    Here are few important things in noticed. It restarts few times when you launch camera from App Drawer, lets say about 3 out of 10 times. But when i try to launch the camera directly from the lock screen, the phone have to restart every time. This is very annoying. Is it just me with this problem or anyone else have faced the same? Also is it the firmware issue or the hardware?

    Please help.

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    Re: Launching camera restarts Samsung Galaxy S4

    You are not alone with the problem buddy, there are several people facing the same problem including me as well. I did few research on this problem and found that the problem is actually with the firmware itself. I even read somewhere a guy saying that as the processor is new, there would be such problems and the only fix is to wait fore couple of more weeks until Samsung releases some fix for the same. Probably they will roll out the Firmware Update with this fix as they are well aware of this problem because there are thousands of users facing this problem.

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    Re: Launching camera restarts Samsung Galaxy S4

    I thought i was alone with this weird bug but seems like i got a huge company. My GS4 camera was working fine until i updated it couple of days ago. I hope you guys to might have received the update. It was a minor update i dont what for but my camera problem started just after updating it with new firmware. The build is I9500XXUAMDL. I guess the problem was with firmeware itself. Isn't it possible to fix the same by reverting back to the earlier firmware? Is there any way of doing the same?

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    Re: Launching camera restarts Samsung Galaxy S4

    There is no way to revert back to earlier firmware officially. However if you really want to do the same then you will need to go with installing Stock ROM of Galaxy S4 if it is available somewhere. Remember that it will require rooting and ofcourse that will break your warranty. So that is not the good idea at all. Hence what we can do at the moment is either wait for the next update from Samsung or simply take it to Samsung Service center and see if they can do anything about the same.

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