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Thread: Micromax Canvas HD Camera Black Screen issue

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    Micromax Canvas HD Camera Black Screen issue

    I recently bought a Micromax Canvas HD and was very satisfied with its amazing speed while opening any application and playing games. Just 2 days back I rooted it and since then the camera on this phone has stopped working. When I try to open the camera on Canvas HD then it will only display black screen and then after sometime it will crash. Even after unrooting the device I am getting this error? Is there anyone who can tell me how to solve this problem, I dont want to lose a phone that I bought just recently. Thank you for any solution in advance.

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    Re: Micromax Canvas HD Camera Black Screen issue

    You shouldnt have rooted the Micromax Canvas HD phone because even though it has quad core processor and good specs, I believe that indian manufactured phones are not so root capable. Anyways, after you have unrooted everything try to reset the phone to factory settings and see if that works for you or not.

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    Re: Micromax Canvas HD Camera Black Screen issue

    If the above doesnt work, then there is no choice but to take the mobile phone to the Micromax service center and let them know about the camera stopping to work. Also, note that before handing them the phone you will need to clear all the traces of the rooting that you did and after installing the stock rom only, give them the phone for repair. Otherwise they will say that the phone was rooted and they wont help you in anyways.

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    Re: Micromax Canvas HD Camera Black Screen issue

    Are you sure that the camera of Micromax Canvas HD phone is not working even after unrooting it and installing the stock rom? If that is the case, then surely there is a defect in the phone itself and therefore the camera might be not working. Did you test the camera with different camera application, is it working with those apps? If nothing works, then do as told in the above post and Micromax will have to replace your Canvas HD for sure.

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