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Thread: How to restore Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC

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    How to restore Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC

    I want some help to restore Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC. It is a new tablet. There was some problem with the performance. It was working quiet slow. After buying the tablet my brother added some applications in it. Like Firefox and also Microsoft Office. Later on he installed Utorrent to download some files. The torrent was working well on wifi but I found that it is getting slower. Adding torrent was not a good idea. It looks there is some kind of virus in the file which cause the weak performance. I went in to Apps and search for recovery tool where I found Dell Backup and Restore App. But when I top on restore it does nothing. It stuck on a screen. I think it is freezing on recovery.

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    Re: How to restore Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC

    Do you have the manual of that tablet pc. If yes then check in that for key combination that wil allow you to run the recovery. I a having a Android tablet. To restore that I has to press Home key, Volume up and power. On boot it shows me the recovery menu. I am sure your tablet should be having some kind of combination for getting in to recovery mode. You have a Windows 8 tablet pc so you can also use a keyboard on that. Just connect a usb keyboard and try. I think that will help you to access the recovery screen.

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    Re: How to restore Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC

    The tablet is not freezing. When you run recovery tool, the touchscreen is disabled. You will have to use a Mouse for that. I do not know whether this is a bug or some kind shortcoming but as you run the recovery software it will take you a screen where it ask you to choose from two options. The second one is complete system recovery. At that point the touchscreen stops working. I am having a Bluetooth mouse with usb dongle. Just for testing I connected the dongle and it worked. The mouse pointer was visible on the screen through which you can click on Next and complete the recovery process.

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    Re: How to restore Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC

    That weird. If touchscreen is disabled then how can you run the recovery process. There must be some way. Did you tested the Wacom Stylus that comes with the tablet. Just try that once and see whether you are able to run the recovery process. This can surely be some kind of bug. Because as it is a complete touch based tablet, whatever solution or troubleshooting available must be allowed through touch interface only. Or else it will be complicated. By the way thanks for the information. There is no such stuff mention in manual.

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    Re: How to restore Dell Latitude 10 Tablet PC

    It is really good to have a Windows based tablet. Because it offers you tons of features and functionality that other doesn't have. I got one recently. In that I am getting a constant popup for creating a recover media. The one that I saw on my laptop. On the laptop it was possible to create a recovery media by using a cd or dvd. But in tablet there is no way to create it. I tap on the notification and it ask for blank disk. But where should I connect a cd/dvd writer. I went into to bios to checkout whether any additional options like boot from different device is provided or not. But it is empty.

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