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Thread: Which tablet has Quad Core Processor

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    Which tablet has Quad Core Processor

    There are series of tablet pc in the market. I want to know which tablet has a Quad Core Processor. Because I found that if there is a good processor, then there are more chances of having multi-tasking support. My friend just purchased some alien brand with regular 1.2Ghz processor and it also lacks a gpu support. So it freezes a lot. I do not require sim slot. I just need a tablet which will be good for gaming and internet surfing. I had seen tablet with sim slot faces various problem.

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    Re: Which tablet has Quad Core Processor

    Whichever tablet that has Nvidia Tegra 3 Mobile Processor will best for multi-tasking and gaming. But on the same hand it will be costly also. And the device that I know that has this processor is Google Nexus. This will be not available everywhere, but you can also check out Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Acer Iconia Tab, etc. It will be easy for you find out Tablets that are running on Nvidia processor. I had seen some more new models coming up where manufacturers are keeping more interest in giving good gpu.

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    Re: Which tablet has Quad Core Processor

    By default many tablet comes with a 400Mhz Mali GPU. The memory is around 512 to 2GB depending on the model. I am having Micromax Funbook 10" tablet. This tablet has 1.2Ghz processor with 400Mhz gpu that makes it more than enough for gaming. I will not say that it is great but it is cool enough to play games. And from multi-tasking point of view it works fine. You can check out some tablets under Acer and Lenovo. I am sure you will find some good out there.

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