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Thread: Zync Cloud Z5 heatsup on long calls

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    Zync Cloud Z5 heatsup on long calls

    I am facing a problem with Zync Cloud Z5 heating up when talking on it for long time. I do not know whether this is a bug or this is a issue with the device. And the temperature is quiet high that I can feel on my ears. I have to turn it off. I think if I keep using the same just like this it can be damaged. I need some help here. Is this a problem. I am not talking about the battery here. I am talking about the speaker on the to side from where you can listen calls.

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    Re: Zync Cloud Z5 heatsup on long calls

    The only reason behind this that improper battery. You have to check that the battery has enough power while using it for long time .Try to connect it to power source and then see whether it heats up or not. If still then you will need to replace the battery. You can contact the service of manufacturer and complain them about the same. It is actually not good. Many phones heats up on gaming or while on internet. But on call there is few chances.

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    Re: Zync Cloud Z5 heatsup on long calls

    It is better if you use a headphone or Bluetooth headset. I always use them. I have to keep on talking with many people in my business and keeping the phone always in your ears is also not good for health. The radiation can cause problem. So just get a nice wired or wireless headset and talk through. It will be more comfortable and you can keep the phone away from your ears. If it heats in that also then the phone is not proper. You must ask for replacement or refund.

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