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Thread: WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

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    WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

    I have bought Nokia Asha 305 and I want to know if I can install WhatsApp on the same. My friends say that I cannot, however while buying the phone I had asked the concerned seller whether WhatsApp will work or not, he said it will. I have tried installing WhatsApp but it’s not getting installed. So I wanted to know if there is any trick that I can try out to get it working on my phone.

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    Re: WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

    The concerned seller has provided you the wrong information, as far as I am aware WhatsApp application is not compatible with Nokia Asha 305 at least for now. There are possibilities it might be available in future but you surely won’t be able to install it for now.

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    Re: WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

    These are the Asha phones that are mentioned in WhatsApp supporting list.
    Nokia Asha 201
    Nokia Asha 300
    Nokia Asha 302
    Nokia Asha 303
    Nokia Asha 306
    Nokia Asha 311
    Since Nokia Asha 305 is not in the list its clear that it doesn’t supports WhatsApp.
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    Re: WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

    I am not sure about the same. I don’t have Nokia Asha 305 but while looking after WhatsApp for it I came across a site having download for the same. Just Google out “Free Nokia Asha 305 / 306 WhatsApp Messenger App Download” and you’ll come across the same site.
    Below are the details mentioned regarding the download they have listed……
    Version: 1.0
    Platforms: Java
    Categories: Internet & Communications
    Upload Date: 9 Aug 12
    Distribution Type: Freeware
    Downloads: 320999
    File Size: 4 Kb
    If you want then you can try downloading and installing it. If it works then post back and let us know.

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    Re: WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

    That won’t work, those are fake downloads. There are many sites that pretend to have WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305 but in reality they don’t. They just try to fool users. If you don’t trust my words then you can download it and get fooled. Officially WhatsApp is not available for Nokia Asha 305, as mentioned above there are possibilities it might be supported in future after Nokia release some special update for your device. Until then you just can’t use WhatsApp. I have come across many Nokia Asha 305 users who have raised questions regarding the same thing and until now none of them have installed WhatsApp successfully.

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    Re: WhatsApp for Nokia Asha 305

    Ok, I won’t try downloading it form those fake sites. I have already been fooled by the seller. In case there is any update form Nokia for WhatsApp support then please let me know. I am just hoping for them to come up with it soon.

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