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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Note II Pre-order @ Rs. 5000

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    Samsung Galaxy Note II Pre-order @ Rs. 5000

    I was reading about the Samsung Galaxy Note II on internet when I saw the advertisement where it was written that it is available at price of Rs. 5000. At first I was surprised about the price and thought that there must be some mistake. When I visited the page, I realized that it was the price of pre-order and it was to be paid in advance. What do you people think about Samsung Galaxy Note II, is it worth paying Rs. 5000 in advance?

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note II Pre-order @ Rs. 5000

    Samsung Galaxy Note II is a great smartphone and I think that Rs. 5000 in advance is justified for it. But remember that Rs. 5000 is just the advance payment and on the day of the release you will need to pay more money to get it. So be sure that you have around Rs. 35,000 ready to get it. It is priced around Rs. 40,000 and paying Rs. 5000 in advance will just book your smartphone. You will not have to worry about the Samsung Galaxy Note II running out of stock. But see to it that you pay advance amount only if you can afford the full payment.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note II Pre-order @ Rs. 5000

    I think the features that this smartphone is providing makes it worth the price of Rs. 30,000 is right. With Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in it and with such a large display, this price is totally justified. Also the stylus that we get along with it is great. We can use it to draw as well as write directly on the screen of Samsung Galaxy Note II which will help us in many ways. We can crop or edit any image or photograph directly. We can take notes and write stuff on the screen to save it directly in the smartphone. Also you will be able to share the edited images or handwritten notes with other people using Bluetooth or any other emailing services.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note II Pre-order @ Rs. 5000

    If you are much of a professional person and you are considering Samsung Galaxy Note II for purpose of business, then I suggest you that it is a great phone. It has a processor of frequency of 1.6 GHz and 2 GB of RAM, I think it will provide you good multi-tasking feature. You can edit image in one application while you can listen to music, surf internet and so on. Not just this, Samsung Galaxy Note II comes with an 8 megapixel camera in the rear and a 1.9 megapixel camera on the front side. Using the front camera you can attend the conference call as well as make video calls. Also the rear camera can be used for taking pictures of documents and useful items required for business.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy Note II Pre-order @ Rs. 5000

    If you are looking for a smartphone which will be best for entertainment, then Samsung Galaxy Note II is worth the price of Rs. 40,000 and if you are so keen on buying it, then this Rs. 5000 is a good price to be paid in advance. It has a large screen which can play HD videos. Also the audio quality is good which will make the experience of watching movies great. Also it works on Android, so you will find lots of games on Google Play. Provided good internet, even internet surfing experience will be nice on this smartphone. If you are interested in this smartphone, then I say you should go for it.

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