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Thread: unlock Motorola Atrix HD bootloader

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    unlock Motorola Atrix HD bootloader


    One of my friend recentely got himself a Motorola Atrix HD and he is very happy to get it. Now, what he wants to do is root the phone and then unlock its bootloader as well. We tried searching for some tips to do the same and found a tool named Super One Click version 1.6.5 to root it as well, but it isnt working, so we rolled back the device to factory settings by reinstalling its software directly by connecting to the pc and then reinstalling its firmware. Hopefully, if someone has any idea how to root and unlock the bootloader of motorola atrix hd, then please share it here. Thanks

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    Re: unlock Motorola Atrix HD bootloader

    Motorola recently stated in a news that the bootloader of Atrix HD will be locked. To recap, the bootloader it needs to check the startup of the phone for the signing of certain internal files and the phone gets locked if the signature is not good. This therefore prevents the fundamental change in the device. But, they have pointed out that they will still give a way to unlock this phone. So you will have to wait until Motorola or the developers find a way to unlock or bypass the bootloader, so that people will be able to switch to custom Rom on their Motorola Atrix HD.

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    Re: unlock Motorola Atrix HD bootloader

    Yes, the bootloader of atrix hd phone is locked and also signed with an encryption key which makes it impossible to unlock it even after numerous attempt. A locked bootloader would probably be much disturbing if Motorola will not take the trouble to update its smartphones regularly and does not yet seem to have incorporated the fact that customer loyalty is to bring them ongoing support and not to abandon it with a smartphone that will one day become obsolete once the sale is complete.

    Motorola thereby has intended to provide users with an official tool, that is soon to be released, to unlock the phones or will simply market the developer edition of the Motorola Atrix HD. The fact is that the Atrix HD remains an excellent smartphone with great features like water resistant, but due to some missing hack, the phone becomes useless.
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    Re: unlock Motorola Atrix HD bootloader

    History repeats itself once again. While other manufacturers have changed the position of holding the bootloader unlocked for their devices, Motorola is one of the few that appears to be interested in holding tight to their devices software with this new Atrix HD. If we look back to the brand, Motorola has not been characterized by putting things much easier for developers. They have eventually said that they will release a tool for unlocking, but its been ages since they officially announced it and had not released it yet. Motorola phones are no doubt good in the market, but with some locked features, it diverts the mind of a phone buyer whether he should go with same brand or other.
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