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Thread: Left hinge of HP Dm4-1065dx broke

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    Left hinge of HP Dm4-1065dx broke

    Hello friends, my HP DM4-1065dx are 8 months old and recently I found that my laptop’s left hinge was broken. Actually I got the hint of damage a month before it broke but I was not at all concerned about it and at last few days ago found it broken. However now the condition is that I am able to open and close the laptop properly without any problem and also access the machine is fine but I am really worried from now onwards as already my carelessness has caused me the left hinge damaged. Please guys help me out and let me know what I should. I am not getting any help from the Tech support that’s why I am here posting a thread.

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    Re: Left hinge of HP Dm4-1065dx broke

    Listen there is nothing that you can do by yourself. Its not a hardware part that is repaired or damaged neither it is software problem that can be resolved with just following certain steps. Repairing a any device’s spare is the biggest trouble. As far as I understand its just your left hinge that is broken which you can get repaired from any local hardware computer shop. Just tell them to replace the hinge and replace it properly, make sure that they get an original piece even if it’s just a hinge. Calling up the tech support and asking them for a help doesn’t really matter as they are however going to cost you some amount for the replacement. Hardware breakage or damage of any product is never considered under warranty. So do not waste your time in calling them up.

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    Re: Left hinge of HP Dm4-1065dx broke

    Hardware damage done purposely by a person can be said to be not considered under warranty but what if the laptop is broken or damaged without even our own knowledge? At least in my case the hinge got damaged by itself without me doing anything. Actually in my laptop the screw of the hinge completely came off and when I try to put it in place the screw do not get fixed. My laptop is bought from Best Bay; when I contacted them they always keep on give me some of the other excuses. In fact last time when I called them they told me that they won’t repair the device as the hinge must be broken by me. I explained them everything even then they say that are not going to get it repair. The only way for me to use the laptop is to fix the screw for a temporary basis as the screw comes off again after few minutes or hours of usage. Its really irritating.

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    Re: Left hinge of HP Dm4-1065dx broke

    No support center is going to cover any hardware damage under warranty especially hardware damages like hinge breakage. There is no other option left for you other than sending it to the support center. Let me tell you that giving your laptop to a local shop for repairing is not at all a good idea as they not well aware of the different aspect and the functionality of the hardware parts of a laptop. You might be in a huge risk if you give your machine to a local shop as suggested above. Either they will fix the problem or they will make the problem worst. And even if they resolve the problem they will not assure you or guarantee you about the problem not arriving in future.

    In both the cases you are going to spend money but going to the support center is however a good idea. Definitely it will cost you more than what you are suppose to pay to the local shop but at least the support center people will do it officially and also there will be less risk of more damage.

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