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Thread: Best Colored Touch Cover for Windows Surface Tablet

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    Best Colored Touch Cover for Windows Surface Tablet

    I just saw the preview of Windows Surface Tablet on internet and I found this interesting. These tablets seem to be much better than iPad and other tablets available in market. While watching the preview I came across the part where the tablet was shown in various colors. There were five colors that were shown in the preview. The colors that were shown are blue, white, black, pink and red. I find the black color attractive. Since I will be keeping it in my suitcase which is of black color, it will look beautiful and match the bag. Also the black color won’t show any spots that are created due to the sweat on the fingers and palm. Also dust won’t be easily visible. That is why I will be going for black color. What about the other people, which color did you find interesting?

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    Re: Best Colored Touch Cover for Windows Surface Tablet

    I will go for the white color. It will look great when placed in my bedroom. I have my walls of the bedroom painted in white color and I prefer white bed sheets. I will go for the white color. Also many times it happens that I turn off the light so that my brother can sleep. At this time, white colored Windows Surface will provide good visibility in dark. I won’t have to use any light as the white color will be easy to distinguish. The only problem with the white colored Windows Surface would be that I would need to clean it regularly and see to it that I clean my hand properly before touching it. Any spot that would come on the Windows Surface would be easily seen and thus it will make it look dirty. But overall, white color will be best for me.

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    Re: Best Colored Touch Cover for Windows Surface Tablet

    Being a girl, I will choose the pink color as it will look beautiful in my purse. Like to wear brightly colored clothes and use similarly colored accessories. I think that pink color will suit my style and it will match with my clothing style and fashion. Also having a pink colored Windows Surface will give a girlie feeling. Even the red colored Windows Surface will be fine. I know that the sales of this tablet will be high when it releases, so I don’t think that pink colored tablet might be easily available. That is why I have kept my options open that I might even get the red colored tablet. But all I want is a colored Windows Surface tablet for my use. Also having a brightly colored Surface Tablet will give a lively experience while working.

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    Re: Best Colored Touch Cover for Windows Surface Tablet

    The standard blue colored Windows Surface tablet looks cool. Actually the interface of Windows consists of blue color in majority. So I think that the blue color of the body and the keyboard will match the colors on the screen. Also Windows has been using blue color from past many years. The top panels were of blue color in old operating systems like Windows 98. The main color in theme of Windows XP was blue. Also the logo of Windows has blue color in it and the pearl icon has blue colored background. I think that this blue colored touch cover for Windows Surface Tablet will give it a classic look. There is nothing fancy about this color but still it gives a feeling of coolness to the person who is looking at it. So it is blue color for me.

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