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Thread: Touch screen of MSI AE2020 is not working

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    Touch screen of MSI AE2020 is not working

    My MSI AE2020 is a brand new All-in-One desktop PC. It’s just a week old and within this first week I found a fault with the touch screen. After the first two days of usage the touch screen started behaving weirdly, it used to sometimes not work properly. I used to press the screen harder to select or make any action on the screen. Later on after more two days of usage I found that the touch screen stopped working completely. Now the situation is that my MSI AE2020 touch screen is not working at all. Let me tell you that the touch screen didn’t stop working suddenly it took its own time and slowing stopped working. Is there anyone else with the same MSI AE2020 model and facing this similar problem? Anything wrong with MSI All-in-One model? Is there anyone who can guide me with this problem (only if it’s a mild issue)?

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    Re: Touch screen of MSI AE2020 is not working

    Seems like there is something wrong with the monitor drive. It’s just a mere prediction by me as even I am facing the same problem. I too have this same MSI model with me. Let me tell you that I am running windows 7 Ultimate into the machine. There are people who are saying that the OS could be the problem for the touch screen to not work properly. But in any case I am not going to believe it unless someone proves it to me. Anyways as I said my personal prediction is that the monitor driver is corrupted and getting a new one could help in some way but unfortunately I think there is no monitor driver of this model existing even in the official website of MSI. As far as I know there is a monitor driver already installed in the system and I feel that this driver is corrupted. Also I can’t blame anything else for the issue as I can see monitor driver as the only thing related to touch screen and monitor. Tried various other monitor driver but I am not even able to install them. Anyone who can help me out with the installation of the monitor driver.

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    Re: Touch screen of MSI AE2020 is not working

    I really do not have any idea about this problem but I would like share something interesting about my MSI desktop driver. I have recently purchased a new MSI AA1511-001US and then installed windows 7 Ultimate into it. You know what? I was not asked to install or download any driver for the monitor or touch screen. After I installed the OS I just ran the system and everything ran fine. The touch screen is working well and fine with the native Windows 7 drivers.

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    Re: Touch screen of MSI AE2020 is not working

    This is no where normal behaviors so better you do something or contact the MSI support center and ask them to repair the touch screen under warranty. They will do it unless you have done any physical damage which made the touch screen to not function.

    Another thing you can do is trying uninstalling the entire monitor related drivers and then reinstall them again from the MSI web page. And also make sure that you install those drivers too which were not installed in your machine.

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