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Thread: Wordperfect not working in Macbook Air

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    Wordperfect not working in Macbook Air

    I bought a new Macbook Air 13 two days ago and within these two days I installed and tried almost everything possible with this laptop. However after a so long testing I found that WordPerfect software is not at all working in my laptop. I am running Mac OS 10.6. Interestingly WordPerfect is the only thing that is much needed to me this is what not working at all in my laptop. I am not a old or a regular user of Mac so I am not aware of much of its features. Might be I am missing out something that could change everything and let WordPerfect work properly but what could be that “something”? Please guys need your help. Any suggestion would be highly appreciable.

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    Re: Wordperfect not working in Macbook Air

    I am sure you must be well aware of Crossover. If this application is available in your Macbook Air then its fine but if its not there then I would suggest you to download it as soon as possible. This app helps you to perform an easy install most of the Mac compatible windows apps, software and games. If it’s already present in your machine then better verify it properly. I am not sure about Wordperfect, but if you confirm whether this app is well compatible with crossover or not then you can at least be sure about the other things. If its compatible then you obviously wordperfect should work fine. Less windows software or programs running in Mac is better for a user. I would suggest staying with least programs that are most compatible and supported by crossover.

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    Re: Wordperfect not working in Macbook Air

    I don’t think wordperfect has until yet became a universal program for some of the brands, they are still a kind of standard program. however I did made sure by having a look at the Corel, I found that Corel no where gives any support of Wordperfect to OS X port. Anyways i did some R&D with crossover and found that, not all Wordperfect office would work but only X3 version would work for a Macbook Air. When tested with X4 and X5 both drastically failed all the way. So I can only say that first you check which wordperfect you have, if its anything other than X3 then better switch to X3 and enjoy.

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    Re: Wordperfect not working in Macbook Air

    The only thing I could suggest you is to go for installing wordperfect on windows 7 which will obviously work great. Definitely for installing windows 7 on your Macbook Air you will have to first install Parallels then install windows 7 and then go for installing wordperfect. That’s it.

    You can also go for installing Windows XP but for more compatibility its better to go for windows 7 which works great with Parallels and as you must be knowing that Wordperfect however works great with windows 7 so the combination of Parallels, windows 7 and wordperfect on your Macbook Air would be best for you.

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