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Thread: Battery life of Microsoft Surface Tablet

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    Battery life of Microsoft Surface Tablet

    Hey friends, I am sure that you all until now might have been very well aware of the latest announcement made by Microsoft about their latest soon to be released tablet PC. However news about this tablet was on air from past few months but at last Microsoft somehow broke the silence and confirmed the news about the device that is going to be developed by them.

    In the announcement they didn’t opened up properly and managed to only reveal some of the least possible information in public. those features included its infrastructure, camera, its cover, keyboard and etc But still there are some of the most important features of Surface tablet that are kept unrevealed. The most important ones are its price, release date, then screen resolution and battery life. For me right now the biggest discussion is about its battery life. Although I have found some of the other information of its unrevealed specs but I am not able to find anything about its battery life. Also I have noticed in most of the tablet PCs that the battery do get corrupt easily or show some of the odd behavior that cause the entire tablet to suffer. Does the battery of the Surface is really impressive or it is going to be yet another failure. Please friends have to precious comment and make this thread more productive.

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    Re: Battery life of Microsoft Surface Tablet

    The battery life of the Microsoft Surface has not yet been confirmed as the tablet’s OS itself has not yet been got ready so how come Microsoft can calculate the estimate battery life such tablet. Even if Microsoft make a mild guess about the tablet’s battery life it is surely going to change after the completion of the device so its useless to even know information that is going to change in future. So the best you can do is waiting for more days and let them come up with another announcement where they might mention about its battery life. I am sure once by the end of this month or the start of the next month they will at least give some clue about the other specifications of this tablet. So wait and watch for the actual information.

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    Re: Battery life of Microsoft Surface Tablet

    If I am not mistaken there is online specification sheet that has mentioned a lot and let us know mere detailed information about the battery life size and other functions. At the yesterday’s announcement Microsoft cleared told that they are going to come up with two different models of Surface tablet.

    According to the information, the smaller model i.e. the ARM or you can also call it as RT model, it has a 31.5 Watt-hour battery which is quite comfortable for small sized tablets (RT model is itself small). Then about its another model i.e. Pro, it has a 42 Watt-hour battery which is almost equal to the battery life of the new iPad. Not sure about the smaller model but about the larger Pro model there is lot to worry as its has lots of such features that can come in the comparison chat with lots of other huge brand tablets. However with the battery life and size the only top competitor for Surface Pro is this new iPad which shares the same 42 Watt/hr battery.

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    Re: Battery life of Microsoft Surface Tablet

    Battery life as we think is not so easy to be predicted as it depends upon various factors of the device. Even if you develop a battery with high power it doesn’t make any sense if your device is more power consuming. The same thing happens with Surface tablet as far as I know the larger surface model do have a large display screen. For me to make out the comparison between larger model Pro and iPad is very much simple. By looking at the display I can say that surface pro is going to show a low battery life (only in comparison with iPad) but when judged individually then obviously it has the best battery life. However I learned that the battery life of the smaller surface tablet almost similar to the life of iPad.

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    Re: Battery life of Microsoft Surface Tablet

    The smaller Surface tablet is going to have Windows RT, according to the details it is only going to have a Metro version and not the full version of windows 8 whereas the larger surface is going to have a complete Window 8 OS with its entire features. So no doubt you are going to get all the features and functions of a windows desktop computer. I guess at least with such things you can’t compare the iPad. If comparing such features is no where possible then obviously you shouldn’t compare the battery life of these two completely different and opposite tablets.

    Not just this, everyone knows that Microsoft far better than Apple when it comes to adding up more features and apps to their OS. Windows 8 has always impressed me with their flash. Even if surface Pro will have a better battery than iPad it is bound to share a low battery life than iPad because the reason is very simple, there are certain things that are considered under windows like flash and other s that can eat up the battery easily and quickly. If you try to run more and more flash slowly your windows 8 device will show up a drastic decrease and difference with the battery. However I am sure Metro version is surely going to get a better battery rating than the full version. And also it could be legal to compare the RT model with a metro version to be compared with the iPad; I guess RT model is going to share the same price rate of iPad.

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    Re: Battery life of Microsoft Surface Tablet

    No doubt people are going to prefer Pro rather than going for the metro version. Running metro apps and being in Metro all the time is going to be advantageous for you as the battery life of metro surface is going to stay for longer as possible. on the other hand desktop apps play much better than the Metro apps as the metro apps do get pause frequently whereas the desktop apps never gets hang or pause at any moment but however they do eats up more battery. Suppose in your desktop featured tablet you keep the flash open and running then you are definitely going to hit your batter the most.

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