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Thread: Sony Xperia Sola Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available

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    Sony Xperia Sola Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available

    Hi, I have recently bought a Sony Xperia Sola android mobile phone and when I checked its OS version, it still shows me Android 2.3. However, I would like to know when will be the next update of Ice Cream Sandwich that is android 4.0 available for it? I tried to do a update software in the mobile phone option but it is telling me that the phone is already updated to the latest version of the software, although it is announced that this phone can be updated to the ICS OS. The thing that is bugging me in this phone is the low volume when doing a conversation on call, hope that it gets fixed in the next update, but when is it planned to arrive, can anyone confirm?

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    Re: Sony Xperia Sola Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available

    It was being announced already in an earlier news that the update to Android 4.0 for the new Sony Xperia Sola including other smartphone models like Xperia P, and Xperia U, will begin at the third quarter of the year 2012, as per Sony officials. Until then, the phones will be still running with Android 2.3 only. Since currently, until the old Sony Ericsson phones of the 2011 year get the latest Android operating system, the new mobile phone of Sony owners will have to wait for the update. The update date for the Xperia Sola with "floating touch technology", will not come at the end or start of September 2012. According to Sony there are still final adjustments gonna be made that is needed to keep the system running perfectly on the smartphone. For the update, you will still have to use the Sony Ericsson PC Companion installed on your pc, so that whenever the update is released you can immediately install it on your smartphones via connecting it to the pc.

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    Re: Sony Xperia Sola Ice Cream Sandwich Update Available

    So you mean to say that we have to wait 3-4 months still to update our Xperia Sola mobile phone to ICS? Isnt there any custom rom or hack through which we can update our smartphone to Android 4 version? I have seen that many people have updated unsupported smartphones to ICS which are not even upgradable after gingerbread 2.3 version? There should be some solution available for updating or else, how come old smartphone support new version of Android Operating system?

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