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Thread: How to sync OneNote Mobile on SkyDrive for Windows Phone 7?

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    How to sync OneNote Mobile on SkyDrive for Windows Phone 7?

    I have a Windows Phone 7 with me and I want to synchronize the OneNote Mobile along with it. I want to use SkyDrive to do it but the problem is that I can’t understand how to do it. I have tried by myself in many ways, but never achieved proper synchronization. Has someone done the synchronization of One Note Mobile with Windows Phone 7? Can I get to know how it is done?

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    Re: How to sync OneNote Mobile on SkyDrive for Windows Phone 7?

    The first thing you need to have to do it is the Windows Live ID. This is the ID that you will be using to achieve it. Since you are doing it first time, the process will be different.

    1) You will need to click on the Start button, then go to the App list on the left side and in the app list, find Office.

    2) Here you will have to select All and then refresh them.

    3) After refreshing, you will find a prompt of the screen asking if you want to synchronize your OneNote mobile contacts with SkyDive, if you click yes, then it will ask you for Windows Live ID.

    4) This whole process will lead to creation of a notebook for your personal use by name Personal (Web) in My Documents of your Windows Phone 7. Thus, your contacts will be synchronized by use of SkyDive on your Windows Phone 7.

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    Re: How to sync OneNote Mobile on SkyDrive for Windows Phone 7?

    Just opening a new notebook and synchronizing it with SkyDrive and Windows Phone 7 won’t do. You also need to know how to open it on the phone when it is made on PC or other device so that you can edit the data on it.
    • First click on Start and open the Internet Explorer.
    • Under More tab, find settings. In the settings, find options for Mobile version under which you will b asked for preferred website.
    • In the URL bar, enter the address enter the address of Windows Office Live and enter the website. Enter the details of your Window Live ID.
    • Now cloise and open the OneNote Mobile to synchronize it along with your SkyDrive on Windows Phone 7.

    You should remember one thing that you cannot open the section groups on your Windows Phone 7. But if you still want to open them, then you can use their individual link in the address bar to open them. To get the link to a specific section group, you should go in the PC version of SkyDrive and right click on the specific section group. In the drop down menu you will find option to copy its link. You can save them as draft in your email. Then open this saved draft from you mobile and you get link to specific section group.
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