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Thread: Best between ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 headphone

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    Best between ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 headphone

    Hi, am planning to buy a new headphone to use it with my Acer Aspire laptop. After searching for various brands and headphones, finally i got stuck with the following two ATH-M50 and ATH-M50S LE.

    Out of these 2, i have a bit experience of ATH-M50. It is really amazing and the sound quality is very good with clarity. But as much i read on websites i even found ATH-50S LE pretty impressive. So now am confused between the ATH-M50 and ATH-50S LE headphone.

    Can anybody help me in comparing the headphones so that I can have the best one? Please help me.

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    Re: Best between ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 headphone

    I think that you should go for the ATH- M50S LE headphone. I had personal experience with it, its really good. It offers good quality and clear sound, even if compared with ATH-M50. ATH-50S LE headphone is the limited edition headphone by audio-technica. Its is also very light in weight with confortable design. 45mm neodymium drivers provide wide frequency response of 15Hz to 28 kHz so that you can hear the lowest bass and highest treble clearly in the headphone. T

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    Re: Best between ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 headphone

    I can say that both headphones are very similar to each other and are good at their places. If its me, I’ll prefer ATH-M50 because it has really nice sound with 3 meter cable lenght. Even you know it as you have few minutes experience with the same. Its cushioned ear cups and padded headband take care of your ears and let you enjoy music or gaming sounds for hours without any problem. It is also compact in design that allows you to carry it anywhere you go with your laptop. So better go with ATH-M50, its good.

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    Re: Best between ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 headphone

    I think that you should have the ATH-M50S LE headphone. This is the limited edition headphone. The features of ATH-M50S LE and ATH-M50 are same. The specifications are also nearly same. The difference is only in the wire provided. In ATH-M50 they are giving single-sided coiled cable and in ATH-M50S LE they are giving long 3.5m straight cable. ATH-M50S LE is a bit better in sound quality and in clarity. It is also better in look as the limited edition design of this headphone is different from the ATH-M50.

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