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Thread: Personal hotspot setting on ipad wifi 4g doesnt work

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    Personal hotspot setting on ipad wifi 4g doesnt work

    Few days ago I have purchased a brand new ipad which has a wifi, 4g and 32 GB internal memory. Now there is a big problem with this device. I cannot set the personal wifi hotspot using my new ipad. I have tried it with celcom simcard but could not able to get the hotspot setting in my ipad. I am sure that celcom allows hotspot using device and also I am sure that ipad 4G has a personal hotspot function. But here I am really disappointed.

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    Re: Personal hotspot setting on ipad wifi 4g doesnt work

    The product page as well as the manual of new iPad says that it includes a Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot from which you can share iPad's 4G LTE or HSPA+ Internet connection with different wifi enabled devices. It could be laptop, desktop computer, Tablet pc or a smartphone. But before enabling it , first of all make sure that your carrier has to specifically support the wifi hotspot or tethering officially.

    Even if it supports wifi hotspot, the data plan should be different from what you own now. You should change it in order to use or get the wifi hotspot settings. Not all carriers usually may not offer Personal Hotspot on iPad Wi-Fi + 4G. Some carriers like Verizon and Rogers offer it. AT&T still does not have profile for it. Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot may not be enabled by default. To check it, follow these 2 steps:

    • Go to Settings app > look for Personal Hotpot right at the top. It should be turned off now.
    • To enbable it, just launch the Settings app>Tap General>Tap Network> Tap Personal Hotspot> Toggle it to on

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    Re: Personal hotspot setting on ipad wifi 4g doesnt work

    It seems to me that you have just tried to enable the Wifi hotspot but not configured the cellular settings yet. First you should go into the Settings App and choose Cellular Data. Tap the View Account. Where you need to enter your Name, email and password twice to confirm it. After that it will ask for your credit card information along with plans or packages whatever available for this device. Choose the package, plan and then proceed for email and password. The hotspot plan is enabled on your device now. Now the device will show you the connected devices at the status bar at the top. When connected, it turns to blue indicating that someone has been connected. Your iPad disconnects itself from Wi-Fi. So you no longer able to use the wifi for other purposes. Battery will drain faster than before.

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    Re: Personal hotspot setting on ipad wifi 4g doesnt work

    In my case it worked for me without any problem. here are things which I have followed to set up the wifi Hotspot. Make sure that you have chosen the carrier. It should 12.1 as below
    • Setting>General>About>Carrier > "Carrier12.0"
    • Click on "Carrier12.0", it have to show "PRL 1"
    • Carrier should be showing as either 3G or 4G.

    Next thing is you have to eset network setting as below:
    • Go to Setting>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. If it asks for password, enter it and it will reset. The reset will take a while. Once completed, it will come up/

    Setting up the APN :
    • Go to Settings>Cellular Data>APN Settings
    • Type carrier name inside the "APN" >"Cellular Data"
    • Type again carrier name in same screen under “Internet Tethering"

    Now turn on the wifi hotspot and see if it can work or not.

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    Re: Personal hotspot setting on ipad wifi 4g doesnt work

    As far as I know that you will get personal hotspot for ipad 4G only one USA and Canada right now. You have to wait for the next carrier profiles to be released. Personal Hotspot is also telco dependent. The ipad should receive Carrier settings in order to to identify and allow the feature. Sometime it is possible that this feature may disappear once a SIM is inserted. To get it back, you have to reset the network settings by removing the sIM card reseating it back. If still the setting not appeared, you should contact the carrier to manually send the settings or to set it by yourself.

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