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Thread: Does anyone knows something about Huawei Ascend D

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    Does anyone knows something about Huawei Ascend D

    Hello friends I am just waiting for Huawei Ascend D as I came to know that there are many good features. Basically I don’t know what all things are there in this Smartphone. SO guys if anyone knows anything about this phone please let me know.

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    Re: Does anyone knows something about Huawei Ascend D

    The most excitement was created during the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the event of telephone and mobile technology world's most prestigious, was the Ascend D Quad Huawei. This does not necessarily mean that was the best or the most comfortable, however, several factors that made it grab much of the leadership and focus. The first was certainly bold. While it is true that in recent times is more common to find unknown manufacturers, small or simply less well known as far as manufacturing is concerned Smartphone’s who dare to enter Europe with terminal too consider. However, it may be the first time I found one of them come up with a device that can really stand up to the most powerful on the market, with a terminal that has absolutely nothing to envy of the spearheads of manufacturers such as HTC or LG. The second reason is in your processor, since Huawei away to join the existing stream and add to your renowned Ascend D Quad Tegra3 of Nvidia, has ventured to develop its own processor, K3V4, a quad core with a GPU 16 cores that have made from Huawuei proclaim your Smartphone small as the worlds fastest. Unfortunately, we should expect to arrive the first test to verify this information. Meanwhile, we open wide this jewel of the east so you can boast of being the best known.

    Huawuei has developed its own processor Quad K3V2 for Ascend, a Quad Core with speeds between 1.2 GHz and 1.5 GHz speed and 64bit memory. This is complemented with spectacular graphics processor or 16-core GPU, which allows us to obtain True Color technology, a 32 bit colors and impressively realistic, as many suggest, more than improve the performance offered by Nvidia's GeForce GPU present at terminals such as the HTC One X. If this is not enough to have joined this chip multiple systems and algorithms that allow us to both reduce the temperature of the terminal in situations of intense activity, such as reducing energy consumption by, among others, to a system that allows you to find signal a much more rapid. As we say, it is very difficult to ascertain whether we face the worlds fastest Smartphone, but of course, the performance it delivers is outstanding.

    Unfortunately, since Huawei have failed such outstanding results at this point as above. We do not mean this to be a terminal or ugly, or that is not well designed, or anything like that. It is simply a terminal that does not stand out. As for materials, we still find finished plastic as in the vast majority of terminals on the market. Even with all that far from being a problem is more a matter of taste, as some might prefer the feel of metal such as aluminum or Kevlar present in the Motorola Razr, while others favor the way that this class of materials give the device. The truth is that regardless of the materials, the feel of Ascend D Quad is good, feeling strong while light. Neither regarding dimensions, neither stands nor positive nor negative about the competition, looking, as the flagship of HTC and LG, a figure of 8.9mm thick. On the one hand, have restricted expression to the lowest possible so that the screen occupies almost the entire width frontal view, uttering this device really elegant aesthetics. In addition, unlike ICS devices like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the touch buttons are located off the screen, allowing us to use its entire 4.5'' screen as we want. And point where you did not want to fall short, riding the Quad D Huawei Ascend a 4.5'' LCD screen with IPS technology + and HD resolution 720x1280p in which we enjoy a quality response and thanks to the stunning colors force which gives it its powerful GPU and technology 32-bit True Color. Of course, eternal screens are always a matter of debate, so we will not get into whether it is better or worse than its competitors, but of course, is made with one of these terminals will not have a single complaint about it .

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    Re: Does anyone knows something about Huawei Ascend D

    As with any high-end smartphone that boasts the Huawei Ascend D Quad 8Mpx mounted camera with backlight sensor, capable of recording HD video at 1080p, a very powerful autofocus and dual LED flash. Moreover, and like the HTC One X incorporates a sensor that will enable us to BSI great pictures in low light situations. For video calls, Huawei joins the majority of terminals in its class, incorporating a 1.3Mpx front camera capable of video recording at 720p. It never rains to everyone's taste, that's a fact. So this point has a negative and a positive reading. As for the negative, we find a little something internal memory, 8GB to be exact. This not only lets in a bad place to end their'' time'', which tend to move in a minimum of 16GB, but it makes terminals mentioned last year as the Galaxy Samsung Nexus, adding to soaking their ears twice capacity. But the positive reading is that, unlike a current that more and more manufacturers are adopting and that usually does not like much the user, the Ascend D Quad allows us to expand capacity by MicroSD card up to 32GB. As for the battery, more of the same, 1800mAH that strike us as quite poor in a terminal with features such as screen and power. We can say that there is a XL version of this terminal, keeping exactly the same technical characteristics that allow us to incorporate a 2500mAH battery at the cost of extra 2mm thick. Important to note that in this case the battery is not Built-In, or whatever it is, we have the freedom to remove at any time. Even yet there is increasing desire of manufacturers begin to incorporate into their equivalent capacity battery terminals to their power, as both the XL version of the Ascend D Quad, as the Motorola Razr Maxx, we have shown that it is perfectly possible . The connectivity is definitely the weak point of this terminal, which, despite having increasingly used features such as the DLNA or MHL port to connect an HDMI cable, no other that ever become increasingly important as the NFC, absent from this terminal.

    How could it be otherwise, hit the market with Android Ice Cream Sandwich inside, under a layer of customization very similar to the popular 3D Launcher SPB Shell, in my opinion too heavy. But unlike other layers as HTC Sense or Touchwizz, this can be disabled in a really simple, leaving us with the native interface of Ice Cream Sandwich. During his presentation, Huawei said that, while unable to give a final price at that time, the terminal would be well below market prices for these terminals, and seem to think comply. At the moment we have no figures or estimated dates for this terminal in Europe, but have recently become official prices for the Americas, which will make its arrival in July. In North America, Huawei Ascend D Quad will cost $ 579 (440 Euro). However, we have to see how taxes affect the price Spanish, which according to many sources could be located about 500 Euro. Even with all, we would be placing far below the prices they get for terminals in the same range as the HTC One X (649 Euro on the website of HTC), which makes it a good model to consider.

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    Re: Does anyone knows something about Huawei Ascend D

    The delivery of the Huawei Ascend D delayed the quad. So the phone comes with quad-core processor, Android 4.0 and 4.5-inch touch screen is not as originally planned in the second, but in the third quarter of 2012 on the German market. The press agency confirmed that the Chinese manufacturer CHIP Online. The price of the Ascend D is still uncertain. Whether problems in the cooperation of our own quad-core processor with the new Google OS to the manufacturer now has a spanner in the works of the planned series starts making the Ascend D quad is not known. The reasons for the delay, Huawei are still no information. The end of February of the year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona presented of Ascend D quad anyway already worked very smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Even the slim-built P1 Ascend Huawei will also meet for the second quarter of the unannounced delivery date. The press office is the new date, however, as of July 2012 compared to the D to quad precision. In addition, it is clear the contract-free Manufacturer Price: 449 € for the Ascend P1 goes to the dealer. Besides the sleek outfit (7.69 millimeters, according to Huawei) is here Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), the 1.5GHz clocked dual core processor and the colorful and super-sharp AMOLED touch screen in focus.

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    Re: Does anyone knows something about Huawei Ascend D

    The Ascend D Quad is the first phone from Huawei to include a chip designed directly by the Chinese manufacturer, named K3. Thus, Huawei claims to offer the Smartphone "the most powerful market". Tests on games like "Riptide GP” shows a striking reactivity, although all effects do not seem to run compared to Smartphone’s on the Nvidia Tegra platform 3. Huawei is also beginning to develop its own services, such as synchronization tool to save Cloud + free contacts and files over the Internet and find them when you change phone, and made some changes to the system Android. The Ascend D Quad is certainly not a strikingly original. But it turns out excellent composition and gives an impression of quality that will have to get used to associate with Chinese manufacturers (not all, we will come back). The phone is well in hand and enjoys a striated coating on the back, nice to touch. The chip K3 is a guarantee of good autonomy, Huawei promises. Indeed, it is impossible to ensure in a lounge. However, it is clear that the Smartphone much more heated than other Smartphone’s, the same quad, we have taken in hand during the Mobile World Congress. Observe closely during initial tests.

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