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Thread: how to hack the Toshiba Excite tablet

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    how to hack the Toshiba Excite tablet

    I recently brought a Toshiba Excite At305. It has Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset, Quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU and ULP GeForce 2 GPU because of that performance of Excite is superb. It supports HD and high resolution movies as well as games. I am really happy to buy Toshiba Excite. It has Android ICS4. I connect Excite with my computer to develop an application but Toshiba cannot release the ADB driver for Excite. I was tried stock ADB drivers but don’t work. So I talk to customer support about ADB but they are reacting like they had no idea about ADB. They cannot provide any information about ADB. I don’t understand how to access excite without an ADB driver. if any have any idea about it then let me know.

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    Re: how to hack the Toshiba Excite tablet

    I recently brought Toshiba Excite and it is wonderful device. It has Android ICS 4.0.4 and working awesome. I was tried many times to achieve an ADB connection and finally I done ADB connection to excite. When I talk to my friend about this problem, he told me that ADB works without any issues in the Linux environment without any problem and any Linux. So I follow the steps that are given by him. First I unable the Usb development on my Toshiba excite. I plug the Excite in my Red hat system with ADB working. I run the ADB device. And I surprised that excite is detected and listed on machine. So, I executed 'adb tcpip xxxx' command and ABD in excite is set to run via TCPIP. Now from the development machine execute 'adb connect yyyy:xxxx', where yyyy is the ip address of your excite and xxxx is the port you picked in previous address. Now the ADB in excite is ready to run via TCPIP. I hope after that It will run on windows also.

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    Re: how to hack the Toshiba Excite tablet

    I was recently replace my Toshiba thrive to Toshiba excite. It is all over Good working and nice performance. I try to make ADB connection to debug my tablet. I tried it many times but cannot got a success. So I communicate to Toshiba support center about unlocking a bootloader. They reply me I cannot talk about that thing which is not announced yet and even not allowed to comment on new tablet cases if they weren’t release yet in all country. It even more strict with software updates. I tried to boot Windows 8 from micro SD card because excite has micro SD card reader and micro USB. I want to unlock a bootloader and install a window onto a micro SD card. So, when I insert a micro SD in to excite and Reboot excite than it will boot from SD card and run a windows 8. The configuration of hardware in Toshiba excite should be able to supports the windows 8.

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