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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S III Metallic/gNex type battery cover

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    Samsung Galaxy S III Metallic/gNex type battery cover

    I am wondering if there would be any kind of battery cover for this phone, because In one of the recent videos that I saw of this phone I thought that this phone requires a good back cover urgently because it isn’t good at all. On holding the phone we could see the finger prints on the battery cover of the phone which does not appeal us. So that’s why if many manufacturers can come with some kind of good kind of battery cover for the phone then it will be better for the phone. some good battery cover that will suit with the new design of the phone I have done some research in the internet and no such good manufacturers have come with any kind of back cover for the phone?

    In case if you all end up finding some good find then it would be better. So what are you all replies for the same. do you have any idea about such kind of covers for the galaxy s III then tell me about it.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III Metallic/gNex type battery cover

    I would request some manufacturers to get some descent leather type covers for the phone that would be excellent stuff I feel. I am totally against the idea of having a funky cases for the phone, because it will turn down the appeal of the phone to a great extent. Yesterday only I had a look on some of the cases already available for the galaxy s iii from a U.K. manufacturer called as Proporta. It was so flashy and shiny that it was not appealing for the eyes it looked over the top to me. so that is not something which I would prefer to go, no not at all. It isn’t the one that I am looking for. I would like to go with the leather cover that’s the real deal I am looking for. I hope that is made available as soon as possible.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III Metallic/gNex type battery cover

    Metal covers and some cloth covers should be completely avoided for this phone because this is one phone that supports wireless charging and hence the presence of metal cover or clot will lead to many problems such as explosion or damage to the phone and many more that’s why advisable to get a plastic back over for the phone never demand a metallic cover for the phone it might prove dangerous to the phone. if you all are looking for such kind of covers for the phone then you can search in Amazon or ebay you would be able to get some best possible results out there, that’s what you can do.

    I hope this message from my side is pretty clear for you.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III Metallic/gNex type battery cover

    What if we want to do wired charging then I don’t think so it will affect the phone in any way as such the body of the phone is made of plastic and it is a good conductor of electricity. That’s why going with the leather cover or a metallic cover should not be a big problem with this phone. yes for the phone’s who are already having a metallic body like the htc one’s should be scared of this because they are already metallic and having such covers will lead to more problems.

    I have checked amazon and I don’t know what is eBay? There are other outlets in my area to check for the cases I haven’t found any good choice out there that’s why I am thinking when will I be able to get a good choice of battery covers for the phone? Hope this answers does gets solved out soon.

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