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Thread: how to root Toshiba Excite AT305T

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    how to root Toshiba Excite AT305T

    I have Toshiba excite At305T which brought few days ago. It has 1.5 Nvidia Tegra CPU with 1 GB RAM which gives good performance. It has 5Mp pixel high resolution camera with auto focus and Led Flash. It is really nice tablet with lovely look. I heard about a root feature in Android OS but don’t have perfect idea about Rooting. I want to Root my phone but don’t know how to root in it. So anyone know how to root Toshiba excite AT305T?

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    Re: how to root Toshiba Excite AT305T

    Toshiba Excite AT305T is a really nice Tablet. I am also planning to buy this Tablet but not now because kernel file are not available on internet for these tablet. So, you cannot root your tablet without kernel file. So, you cannot get an access as a super user. I am also waiting for kernel file for Toshiba Excite AT305T. Once this tablet is ready to Root then I buy this tablet because I am always using my all Gadgets as an administrator.

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    Re: how to root Toshiba Excite AT305T

    I have Toshiba thrive which I brought from Amazon. It is really nice Tablet. It has great features and specification. Toshiba is increasing their Reputation day by day in market by releasing that kind of Tablets. I love this Tablet and its pretty look. When I got this Tablet at that time I want to root this tablet to get an administrator access in my tablet and I did it. You want to Root you’re your Toshiba Excite AT305T then you need a ADB driver. IF you have ADB driver for Toshiba Excite AT305T then load ClockWorkMod in your device. Once ClockWorkMod is loaded in your device, you can do backup of recovery partition. Once back up is done we can setup the Root tool in Toshiba Excite AT305T. I don’t know is it same partition like thrive. If the Clock work rooting is not does not work then you need to flash the Stock recovery and restore that backup that you will take before a root.

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