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Thread: Samsung Galaxy S III build quality vs HTC Phone Build quality

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    Samsung Galaxy S III build quality vs HTC Phone Build quality

    It seems that there is some problem with the build quality of the htc phones recently I got to know that many users of htc phone have lots of complains regarding everything be it the camera, or the normal body of the phone or the sensors they are having problem with the minute details of the phone. so is the new Samsung galaxy s III answer for all their questions? I have heard that lots of HTC users have to go for the replacement at least once so that they can get a perfect choice for the phone. Why is it happening with the htc have they stopped making quality phones? Or is it people have problems with their hardware build whatever the case is I want to know what do you all think about the build of these new Smartphone’s? Does the Samsung galaxy S iii has a better build or the htc one’s? Please share your opinions over here.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III build quality vs HTC Phone Build quality

    For me Samsung galaxy s iii is the best phone as far as the built is concerned first of all it has a plastic body so it is but obvious that it is much less prone to the damages the phone one more thing is that it is having a great camera in the front as well as back. Samsung have always ensured that they give quality type camera with their every phone and they have succeeded it till galaxy note I didn’t see any users complaining about the camera of the phone. the only problem that the Samsung had was the battery of the phone. the battery was supposed to be the weakest link of the Samsung phones because of the immediate consumption nature of their phone but with the galaxy s III it seems the Samsung people have put an end to this problem they have introduced a much better and a larger life battery which is Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery. So that’s a big difference they have made with this phone. Samsung galaxy S iii has got a Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen and the display is better protected with the Corning Gorilla Glass 2 which ensures a good durability. So why should people complain about the build quality of this phone. this phone has a easily open able body with the help of which we can replace the inside components as well. Talk about the damaged battery if you think that your battery is damaged or you want a better battery then you can easily get the new one and add it. That’s not the case with the new htc Smartphone’s that have released recently. Some of them have opted to go with the unibody design which for me is a pathetic idea they have drafted from the iPhone. Some of the htc phones also has a metallic body to enhance the looks but they have forgotten that metal is a good conductor of heat doing some hard core stuffs in your phone which requires a lot of memory and battery, this will increase the heat generated in the phone and metal being a good conductor of heat will easily soke in the heat and the output would be users complaining about the overheating. That’s why Galaxy S iii has opted to go with the plastic body for their phone though their edges are covered by metallic stuff but the main part of the body is completely made of plastic. Plastic being a good generator of heat won’t give you such kind of problems that’s what the benefit is? so I have mentioned so many reasons why Samsung galaxy S iii is considered to be the best among the recent slot of phones which was released.

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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S III build quality vs HTC Phone Build quality

    I liked the build of htc one x I wonder what problem do people have with it. htc had some share of problems from the past few years especially when it started making phones for the android market but it has ensured that it continues to improve with each and every new phone they bring the latest being the one series from the htc, its quite good. I have got the HTC one X that’s why I would like to speak about one x only. It is a polycarbonate unibody design something which isn’t metallic type and not plastic as well. I have played game in my one x for so many times and also have played for so many durations. I haven’t experienced any kind of overheating problems in it. in fact I feel being a unibody does helps in several factors first of we don’t get the habit of opening up the phne for every single thing. by this way we can ensure that the components inside the phone are much safer with that, there is no sd card slot in this phone, so what’s the issue? I think 16GB is quite enough and I don’t even use that much amount of memory in the phone then why should I require the external memory for that. it is said that the presence of memory card or external memory does slows down the phone that’s why HTC haven’t introduced them in this phone. I think that’s a smart move. The camera of htc one x is one of the finest that I have come across and it is being approved by one of the famous photographer I don’t remember the name. Now htc have even come up with the challenge that they are asking the users to spot the difference between the photography taken by a digital camera and a htc one x. so you can imagine how the camera of this phone should be? I have been a fan of htc and would continue to be I don’t think the phones like Samsung would ever impress me, they don’t.

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