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Thread: Toshiba Excite 7.7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

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    Toshiba Excite 7.7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    I am a huge fan of Galaxy Tab 7.7 and I really do feel that there is no other device or product existing in the market that can compete this tablet. The best part about Galaxy Tab 7.7 is its super Amoled plus screen which gives us the best viewing and experience. I am not sure with this new but I recently heard that Toshiba is going to quickly launch its latest tablet called Toshiba Excite 7.7 during the month of June.

    Now the reason am suddenly talking about this tablet is that this tablet is also going to have a super amoled plus screen which is the same as the Galaxy tab 7.7. if its really true then surely there is no doubt in saying that Excite 7.7 is definitely going to overtake Tab 7.7. it is an open challenge between Toshiba and Samsung tablets. As it is Toshiba Excite is already in news for having Tegra 3 into their product for cheaper rates which has somehow attracted many of the users. I guess they are going to sell out this product with 16GB for $499 and 32GB for $579. Obviously such rates for Tegra 3 devices are like an open invitation to all the customers for buying it. But I won’t go for it, I really don’t like anything getting in competition with one of my favorite product manufacturer i.e. Samsung. But for the users who are however planning to go for Excite 7.7 returning their Tab 7.7 then I think that would be a great idea as looking into the rate of Excite I think it’s within the range of an average customer and also it would be cheaper for those who are looking out for a Tegra 3 quadcore. If asked me I would surely go for looking into the benchmark of this product and compare it with the Tab 7.7 which I think wouldn’t be as same as my Tab. I would prefer to stay with my Galaxy Tab and not switch to Excite no matter how much cheaper it comes for. Just wanted to know your opinion, what would you prefer?

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    Re: Toshiba Excite 7.7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    The Excite version is seriously awesome. You might be telling it because you got used too with Samsung products but I would request you to go for having a look into the Excite version and its specifications, you will go crazy behind it. its super duper impressive product I must say.

    Obviously people might go for the Excite 7.7 and the reason is very much simple, it comes in cheaper rate and most importantly it has quad core technology within it. I wouldn’t compare and decide which one is better with respects to their quality and other aspects. Let leave it on the experts who would do all sorts of testing with this product and decide how much Excite is better than other tablets. I can only say that currently after the official announcement of Excite version Toshiba has already created lot of excitement within all the Tablet users. What do you think?

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    Re: Toshiba Excite 7.7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    That’s correct, after the official announcement of Toshiba Excite 10 and 7.7 and the most awaited for me Excite 13, people are very much eager to go for this product and I am one of them. the best part of Excite version is that all these three tablets no matter what their specification might be but surely they are going to share the similar OS i.e. Android 4.0 version, Ice Cream Sandwich. Other than the OS the common features they are going to share are 5 migapixel are rear camera which has the ability to shoot HD videos and then the front camera will be sharing 2 megapixel of resolution quality. Other than the camera, they are going to have 1 GB of internal RAM and the most discussed and famous is the Tegra 3 technology.

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    Re: Toshiba Excite 7.7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

    I really liked their outer structure and design of the tablet, they are real tablets. The look and the finishing of this tablet is mind blowing. It is very much slim and also its chassis somehow make use of the smooth and brushed aluminum material. And now talking about each models specified features and specifications, the Excite 10 has a 10 inch 1280 1280×800 display with Gorilla Glass that is attached at the top. Another most discussable part of version 10 is that it is however able to get a microHDMI and microUSB even after it not being able to give full sized connectivity ports such as Thrive line, anyways it also has a stereo speakers including SRS audio support. Battery life is no doubt around 10-12 hours, its being said that the battery would run for nearly around only 10 hours but after I read about the Tegra 3 technology being introduced into it I became very much confident that the battery life would surely take over 12 hours, this is because i know that Tegra 3 has one best Smart battery management feature.

    Excite 7.7 must be obviously very much similar to the version 10 as both of them belongs to the same manufacturer and also both shares the same model name with only the version difference. But there are certain things that are included into the 7.7 Excite that do not exist in Excite 10. Excite 7.7 has a 7.7 inch display that is Amoled and therefore due to this reason the display of this model can never be utilized for other models as the technology becomes one of the biggest difference. Other than this the 7.7 model does have a microUSB port and a microSD card slot but again as in Excite 10 even this device does not have a microHDMI ports. As already been stated above about its capacity the 7.7 version is going to have both 16GB and 32GB but there is no such plan to add on 64GB model. They will come up with a 64GB version depending upon the demand and request of the customer and also with the response of the users with 32GB and 16GB models.

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