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Thread: Stop wavy rippling effect on Sony HDR-PJ10E HD Handycam

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    Stop wavy rippling effect on Sony HDR-PJ10E HD Handycam

    I recently purchased this particular handycam from my nearby store and right from the word go I am facing some issues with the camcorder. The problem has to do with the lens I think. Whenever I am shooting with this camcorder I notice that if I shoot long range shots then I can see some kind of wavy rippling effect on parts of the video picture. However I can’t see such issues when I am shooting some close distance pics. It always happens with the long distance shots and not the short distance ones. I haven’t tried attaching some videos over here because I know that it is against the forum rules that’s why I haven’t gone ahead with such kind of tactics. I want to know what settings or changes should I make in my cam such that I can prevent such kind of distortion happening in the cam?

    If you all know anything about it then make sure you share the answers with me over here it would be of great help for me. waiting to hear it from you all.

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    Re: Stop wavy rippling effect on Sony HDR-PJ10E HD Handycam

    You can post the youtube links over here. you can upload a video in youtube and add it over here that’s what you can do.

    Youtube links are allowed here in this forums.

    However looking at the problem I did some research in the internet about the same and I found some reference for you in the Sony forums. Wherein the people out there are referring that effect as Rolling Shutter Effect. You can refer to Wikipedia about the same wherein you will get all the details about the particular effect respectively. To avoid such kind of effects you need to ensure that you keep the cam still while shooting anything especially the long range shots that will definitely help you.

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    Re: Stop wavy rippling effect on Sony HDR-PJ10E HD Handycam

    Hey download this software called as Vegas movie studio HD platinum. Available In the official Sony site this particular software ensures that it reduces the Rolling Shutter effect. That particular software has a Rolling Shutter correction option which will help you give more fineness in the video.

    For the stability you can use a steady rig or a tripod for shooting videos from the camcorder. While shooting ensure that you are shooting at a slower shutter speed, use short lenses for shooting purpose. All these small things ensure that you get a better clarity while viewing the videos.

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