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Thread: Recording a video on Sony DCR-DVD705 Handycam crashes

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    Recording a video on Sony DCR-DVD705 Handycam crashes

    I own a Sony DCR-DVD705 Handycam and this is far by the best Handycam that I have ever owned but recently it has started giving me some problem. Especially with the video recording. Whenever I try recording some videos with this particular handycam then the handycam stops and crashes. This happens every time I try to record some videos with the help of this camcorder. When I am clicking some pictures or photos with it then it works exceptionally well. it does not crashes at all. I asked one of my friend who holds some expertise on to this and he told me that there has to be some problem with the memory card. so I replaced my memory card with his one and then again I started the camcorder. Again the same issue while recording the videos the camcorder crashes. So the memory issue was ruled. Then he suspected that something is wrong with the battery. But I didn’t agree to him because the camcorder used to work perfectly while clicking photos if something was wrong with the battery then it should have crashed during the clicking as well. so again that was ruled out. The last option that I am having is of showing it to the service center for the maintenance purpose. Apart from that is there anything else that I can try so that I can get rid of this problem? That’s what I want to know. I am sure you would be having some idea about it. that’s the reason why I came onto this forums.

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    Re: Recording a video on Sony DCR-DVD705 Handycam crashes

    Which kind of disc are you using to record the videos, that’s what I want to know. If it is any outside brand or a third party brand then it will give you some problems like crashing and all. Hence it is advisable for you to go ahead with the Sony disc and not anything else.

    I hope this solution will help you to some extent.

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    Re: Recording a video on Sony DCR-DVD705 Handycam crashes

    Are you serious because I am using the Verbatim disc to record from couple of months and it did not gave me any problem. Then why is it that suddenly it has begin to crash. Though I don’t have anything to say against the Sony disc but Verbatim disc is quite popular and I have seen many camera men using the same branded disc then why is it that now it has to give me problems?

    Sorry if I am being a bit rude over here but please understand guys when you have such a good camcorder and when suddenly it starts behaving awkwardly. You can only say WTH!

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    Re: Recording a video on Sony DCR-DVD705 Handycam crashes

    It seems the disc that you are using should be again re formatted to the camcorder. That’s what you need to do. apart from that I don’t think so there is anything that you can do.

    If still that does not work out then better show this cam to the nearest service center and get it repaired over there. Sorry but that’s all I have for you.

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